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My inspiration…

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$59.00 I don’t think so, my dog and I have to eat!

Here is a simple and easy way to get this look for way less.

Here’s what you need:

Shorts (I found these cute pattern shorts at Forever 21, $15.80)

1 yd of 2″ Black Tassel Fringe Trim (Hobby Lobby, $3.99)

Needle (Already had, $0)

Thread (Already had, $0)

Scissors (Already had, $0)

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Begin by laying out your shorts on a flat surface. Then measure the tassel trim around the outside of each of your shorts’ hemlines (leg holes) and cut each side using your scissors. (You should have two separate tassel trims).

can you buy robaxin over the counter in canadaThis next step requires a simple hand stitch.

If you have never hand sewn before this link can help you:

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Using your needle and thread sew one tassel trim around the outside edge of your shorts hemline.

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buy Robaxin online


Then repeat, by sewing on the second tassel trim on the other hemline.

cheap Robaxin

And for $19.79 your shorts are ready to wear! I paired mine with a simple bright pink shirt. The tassel trim will wash and hold their shape, but I recommend you hand wash or pop them into a laundry bag that can go inside your washing machine on a gentle cycle.

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Subscribe and follow for more diy!

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I’ve been wanting this fancy gold chain camera strap from Anthropologie, but could not bring myself to drop $100.00+ for this unnecessary, but necessary accessory.  So I decided to make it!
Here is what you need:
Gold Chain 1 yd (make sure it is lightweight!)
2 Leather Cords 2 yd (pick your own colors)
2 Lobster clasps
Leather Piece
Jewelry Pliers
First you have to measure the gold chain, I simply put it around my neck at the length I would like my camera to hang, and using the pliers removed whatever was extra. Then you knot both leather cords on one of the ends of the chain. I left a little extra cord to hang on each side of the camera, like fringe!
Now you will begin to thread both cords over and under between the chain until you reach the other end, then knot the cords at this end too.
This next step was a little hard! I added a leather “tube” to my camera strap so that it would be more comfortable around my neck, but you can skip this step if you would like a simple chain strap.
Fold the leather piece in half vertically with the fuzzy side facing out and sew the open side together using your needle and thread. (This took longer than I expected and poked myself several times lol)
Now you will have to flip your leather “tube” inside out until the leather is facing you. Then pull it through the middle of the chain.
Finally using your pliers open up each end of the chain, and slip in one lobster clasp on each end, now you can attach it to your camera.
Done! Now you have a custom fancy gold chain camera strap for less….baller on a budget!

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After three very eventful weekends of traveling from west to east Texas then back to central Texas I finally had a weekend all to myself! So, I went camping for the FIRST TIME EVER on Friday the 13th (a lot of  the Blair Witch scenes came to mind while I was out there) luckily my friends are pros and have all the unfamiliar camping gear needed, since I was completely unprepared. We headed out to Mckinney Falls State Park a little outside of Austin but not before making a pit stop for s’mores supplies and champagne (of course!).My goal was to avoid all technology, (which meant no photos…sorry!) think, and enjoy the night under the beautiful full moon and the oh so annoying cicada bugs singing, all night!

For the most part my mind never stops and when thoughts of the future lurk it makes me anxious and restless. But to be isolated from “society”, to be close to nature can help you clear your mind and give you new perspectives on your own lifestyle in a different way. To live by your own wishes and not live constrained by society, your job, schedules, bills, expectations is a tough thing to do and I found that being outdoors can help you gain that balance. My thoughts were less scattered, clear and blissful.

And in the spirit of being earthy and free, Sunday I decided to take a walk with that same state of mind and let my thoughts wander within the city limits.

Follow me for upcoming DIY crafts! <3 ————->

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I am not a fan on spending a ton of money on fashion. There are a lot of ways to get around spending your hard-earned money staring at a screen all day. That being said I will confess when it comes to music festivals I am weak! There is nothing like the festival struggle, the sun beating on you, the crap-py porta potties, the sea of people pushing and shoving. All worth it, once you get caught up in the listening to your favorite bands live, and that same state of mind that unites you with all the sweaty people around you… Most of the excitement for me is to watch what people are wearing and putting together my ootd, here is what I wore for Free Press Summer Festival, in Houston Texas.

Forever21 top, Express Shorts, Aldo Booties, Anthro sunnies.

<Photo Cred:: Ryan Walters, getting high off robaxin

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