Coffee Break with Celine

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It’s been little over a year since I graduated from college and landed my first professional job. Even though my transition has been smooth, there are still some things that I struggle to balance on a daily basis: like what to wear Monday thru Friday that is “business casual”, respects my personal style and is “appropriate”.

I hate to admit it, because I personally feel that what you wear shouldn’t matter. In a perfect world, a person should be judged at their workplace based solely on their work, but that’s not the case. Appearances matter, and unfortunately most work clothes are not appealing! I am a Millennial: I crave individuality and style. Yet, understand the profound effect of clothing on your thoughts, on how you feel, and on the way others perceive you. Consider your audience: what does your outfit say about you and the type of work you’re planning on doing? Mix and match work and casual clothes according to your job responsibilities.

My OOTD depicts my office’s relaxed business casual dress code, and a quick coffee break. Professionally Stylish! 

Asos Skirt, UO T-Shirt, Steve Madden Sandals, Aldo Clutch, Ray Ban Sunnies

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    June 27, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    super like!!! <3


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