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Lately I’ve been spending my Thursday afternoons at Zilker Park, “Austin’s most loved park” with my friends and pooch Cooper. We take some snacks, beer (mostly beer), sit back and enjoy the Texas sun. I always love to take a giant bag to hold all of the many things I end up taking.

So I decided to share this DIY with you on how to turn a standard straw bag into a sassy fiesta ready picnic bag. I got the original straw bag from The Academy Sports+ Outdoors for the banging price of $5.49, but you can find them everywhere this summer.

You’ll need…

  • Plain Straw Bag
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Masking tape
  • All purpose strong glue
  • Scissors
  • POM POM Trim 2 yds
  • X-Small POM POM Trim 2 yds

order robaxin online1. Mask off stripes with your tape

robaxin without a script2. Paint the exposed areas in. Do a few light coats until you get a strong, even colour. Leave to dry.

robaxin italiano3. Peel off the masking tape.

My little crafter.

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oeder robaxin on line4. Glue along the edge of each color stripe and follow the line with the POM POM trim, pressing down firmly. Do each row and cut when you reach the end of each strip. Repeat this process with the x-small POM POM trim.

Now stuff some yummy treats and hit the park. It couldn’t be much simpler! Tell me what you think and comment below 🙂

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Who hates Mondays? This girl! Especially figuring out what to wear to work after a weekend in shorts, crop tops and sandals. It has been a great summer!

It’s 95 degrees in Austin today and the last thing I want to wear are thick, structured clothes that don’t breathe or move. I also despise most slacks; actually I don’t even own a pair! They’re just not for me. So, the perfect solution was to wear an easy breezy summer dress in this pretty soft print. Effortless Monday work wear!

Photo Cred to Mr.Ryan Walters at how many robaxin to get high

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purchase robaxin medicationDress/Earrings Forever 21, Pumps Steve Madden, Old MK Purse

Hope you have a great week!


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I just had an amazing weekend in C A L I F O R N I A !! Accompanied by some of my favorite people in this planet, my mother, two cousins and the reason for our trip my little sister Iris. Not that I need a reason to go to Disneyland, I listen to Disney soundtracks at the office from time to time. But, for about two years we talked about taking Iris to Disneyland and we finally made it happen on this 4th of July (we are brave).

Orange County welcomed us with a cozy breezy 75 degrees. Ahhhh..Perfect, and what better way to enjoy that weather than at the beach, Huntington Beach! Where we got to watch some of the pro surfers compete at the Vans US Open Surfing. 

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 OOTD-H&M Shirt/Sandals, Express Shorts, MK Purse, Jack Willis Bracelet

Independence Day we headed out to Disneyland in the AM. Honestly…. I think I was more excited than my sister!!! I have amazing memories from this place and being the Disney fan/child at heart that I am I could not wait to feel the Magic (yes, the damn Disney Magic!) once again. Also they have the best churros!

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My darling sibling!

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Honestly I remembered this castle to be much larger, but was still very cute.

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buy robaxin from mexicoI was very excited to meet Minnie as you can tell!

Side note: Mr. & Ms. Mouse who were married in Sept 30, 1933 have separate homes right next to each other! hmm could it be that Walt Disney found the key to “happily ever after’? Anyway just one of the many things I psychoanalyzed as the day went by and I experienced as an adult at Disneyland. 

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In Mickey’s Mouse Cave. haha!

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buy robaxin from india Lion Smock Dress, Steve Madden Ecentric Sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse

“I know all of the songs… I am embarrassing!”,  “Nooooh, it means you had a good childhood” – Alan. Wow, seriously when did this kid (teen) become so perceptive.

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And after a whole day being on our feet, laughing and eating churros we ended our day with some of the best fireworks I have seen, yet! Happy late 4th of July!

The next day after eating a well deserved California style breakfast, we ahead to the second park, Disney California Adventures (pretty much a grown up version of a Disneyland). California Adventures has less crowds, better quality food, and booze! Yes! grown up drinks, that only made the rides that much better! They also have a lot of new attractions like Cars Land, A Bugs Life, World of Colors and Ariel’s Underworld Adventure, my favorite.

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Radiator Springs, in Cars Land it looks just like the movie!

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where can i get robaxinrobaxin 750OOTD-American Eagle Top, Urban Outfitters Pants, Juicy Rings.

can robaxin get you highAlan, my mother, Iris and Emily! (my little kitty)

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I hope you enjoyed our pictures, it was very hard to select just a few after out of 600. This was my first adventure blog post! I promise to have many more to share. I had a lot of fun with my family on this trip, and am especially glad that I got to be a part of my little sisters magical memories that like mine, will last a lifetime.


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Give your old T-Shirt new life with your favorite quote! Mine was inspired by the current athletic sportswear vibe and SELENA QUINTANILLA! Bidi Bidi, Bom Bom!

I, along with my cousins was (honestly, still am) obsessed with her! Anyone that knows me can tell you this. Selena in one way or another is a part of many of my best childhood memories. “Anything for Salinas” is a quote from her movie that Jennifer Lopez stared in 1997, portraying the short life of the Queen of Tejano. Anyone that is or was a fan will recognize!

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Heres what you need:

Old T-Shirt
Soft Flock Iron-on alphabet letters ($3.49 online)
Soft Flock Iron-on numbers ($1.84 x2 online)

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Start by laying out your shirt on a flat surface, and peel off the letters you will be using for your quote. Then, place the iron-on letters on your shirt (flock side up), play with the spacing and design according to the look you want.

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I used a ruler to make sure the iron-on letters were spaced evenly and straight.

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Only lay out as many letters as can fit under your iron. Now heat up the iron and press on the iron-on letters for 10 to 15 seconds.

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After ironing the entire message in place, flip the item over and press again from the inside. I added the numbers 95 on the back (date of her death) to get that athletic sport wear feel.

buy robaxin 750And your done! It only takes about 10-15 minutes. Here’s how I wore it out for happy hour!

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Follow me or subscribe to my page (on your right) for more fun and easy projects!

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