{"version":"20150408","show_thumbnails":false,"items":[{"id":792,"url":"http:\/\/dandylione.com\/2015\/04\/spring-poncho\/","url_meta":{"origin":293,"position":0},"title":"Spring Poncho","date":"April 14, 2015","format":false,"rel":"nofollow","excerpt":"Spring has sprrruuung in Texas! Between the rain and what already feels like summer days I never got a chance to wear my sweater poncho. Yes a poncho,\u00a0I stayed away from the trend for quite sometime. It was only this spring\u00a0that\u00a0I purchased my first poncho. And just like Future at\u2026","context":"In \"STYLE\"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":510,"url":"http:\/\/dandylione.com\/2014\/10\/diy-baby-moccasin-booties\/","url_meta":{"origin":293,"position":1},"title":"DIY | Baby Moccasin Booties","date":"October 29, 2014","format":false,"rel":"nofollow","excerpt":"Its a girl! My cousin is having a baby girl, and I seriously can't wait to spoil her. This past weekend was her baby shower and auntie-to-be got her\u00a0some dope baby gear (Did you know they have baby wipes heaters now? blew my mind).\u00a0Naturally\u00a0I didn't stop there I had to\u2026","context":"In \"MAKE IT\"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":636,"url":"http:\/\/dandylione.com\/2014\/12\/636\/","url_meta":{"origin":293,"position":2},"title":"Mickey & Me.","date":"December 13, 2014","format":false,"rel":"nofollow","excerpt":"Happy Saturday!! I've been waiting for today all week. It is 73 degrees in Austin today and it does not feel like December, but the Posadas are creepin' in. Yay for Christmas food! Since the weather is amazing,\u00a0I decided to wear my favorite crop top. I may have over done\u00a0my\u2026","context":"In \"STYLE\"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]}]}