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It’s Thursday, and we are all itching for the weekend.

Your girl has been hustling this week! I am 7 weeks into my event planning certification course and have honestly loved every minute. This course is an example how I would have liked my college courses to have been taught, with real life skills not just memorizing terms! My classmates and I have learned about contracts, taxes, food handling licenses, and state/city permits. On top of all the fun aesthetic details of what makes a great party (what I am good at).  We already hosted our first wedding too!

Now add a full-time job….AY! Naturally, I’ve made time to make some crafts, even though I should actually be going to the gym. Oh well, that’s why I go out on the weekends and dance! Needless to say I think I deserve a drank this weekend, but not before sharing my young professional simple #OOTD.

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GODZILLA BUTT! Those bumps are from the skirts zipper!

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But, I don’t want to got to work…..
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But I love shopping so I guess…robaxin mg dose

Robaxin onlineI have found the perfect weekend clutch!!! find it at Robaxin uk

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Have a great weekend! Whether you are drunk or sober be safe, use Uber, and make sure to follow me 🙂

What I wore:

Blouse, H&M | Pencil Skirt, Armani Exchange | Blazer, Forever 21 | Booties, Chinese Laundry

Earrings, Express | Sunnies, Quay Australia

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Its been two weeks since I posted anything… sorry. Austin City Limits happened and I managed to attend both weekends. Because I’ve evolved into this festival junkie, but OH MY GAWD! It was bananas! I have just recently re-adjusted my sleeping pattern and finally finished this, sigh….


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Here’s what you will need:

Shelve bracket

3-Way Socket w/ Turn Knob

Light fixture cord


2- 3/8 in Round hardwood dowel

Metallic Silver spray paint

Glue (I used Gorrilla Glue, but hot glue will also do the job)

robaxin 500 onlike no prescriptionOther tools:

Power drill


Hand saw

Start by cutting the hardwood dowel using a hand saw into the following sizes:12- 6inch | 6- 9inch. Create a hexagon using 6 of the 6 inch sticks, and glue them together.

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This next step is just like playing with Legos. Take the top of the 3-Way Socket and the 6- 9inch sticks, glue each stick at every corner of your hexagon first, then to the top of the socket.

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Pull the light fixture cord through the top hole of the 3- Way Socket. Then…

Separate the metal ends of the light fixture cord, take the bottom of the 3-Way Socket and unscrew the (two) screws on each end. Wrap each metal end to each screw and tighten it with the screwdriver.

Like dis…

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Then simply attach the two 3-Way socket top/bottom together, and pull the light fixture cord back.

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You will now need to glue the other 6- 6inch sticks together to make the bottom point of the diamond…(Shine bright like a diamond…RIRI stuck in my head!). Again glue each stick to each corner of the hexagon and then together to make the point.

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Now spray paint the crap out of it, and make a little dance because your almost done!


Attach the bracket to your wall with a power drill or screwdriver, add a light bulb and wrap the cord in/out of the bracket and let it hang! You now have a minimalist, chic pendant light that will bring more light into your home.

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Let me know what you think in a comment below! And keep posted for upcoming projects and #ootds.

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