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I have been looking for an interesting end table to fit my style, small space, and most importantly my budget. But no such luck.

When trying to fill that awkward corner, space between chairs or sofa more often than not, DIY furniture is the way to go. With the right tools and some free time you can build something that you can display with a little more pride than just making a simple purchase.

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Here’s what you will need:

– 1, 10ft copper pipe

-4, 3/4″ copper end caps

-4, 3/4″ copper T-fittings

-4, 3/4″ copper 90 degree elbow

-1, Pack of  3/4″ tube straps

-1, 18″x24″ Acrylic Sheet

-4 Screws & Nuts

cheap Robaxinpurchase RobaxinTools:

-Super glue

-Jigsaw or plastic cutter

-C- Clap

-Power drill

-Ruler/ tape measurer

**You will need to cut the 10ft copper pipe into pieces, Home Depot/ Lowes can do it for you for free. Or you can use pipe cutter! You will need 4- 18 inch pieces, 4- 8 inch pieces, 4- 3 inch pieces. These can be adjusted according to your size preference. 

Lay down your pipes and fittings according to the picture below. Then glue and attach each copper pipe to the cooper fittings…..just like connecting legos.

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robaxin mgLet the copper legs sit for a couple of hours until the super glue is dry. While you wait make your table top. Measure and mark a 12″ x 12″ square on the acrylic sheet.robaxin mg dosageUsing a plastic cutter or jigsaw cut the square top.

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Take two pipe straps, and space them evenly on your acrylic table top. Make a mark on each hole of the strap were you will attach the copper pipe legs too.

Robaxin onlineAttach a size 1/32 drill bit to the power drill and make the four holes.Robaxin uk

Robaxin usOnce your copper pipe legs are dry and sturdy, attach the pipe strap to each leg. Then pull the screw through the table top and strap, into the nut under the table top. Just like this…Robaxin usaorder robaxin online

And your done! Now dress up your new chic end table.

robaxin without a scriptLet me know what you think in a comment below, and subscribe to my page via email for more easy DIY’s!

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Today is Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos. A Mexican holiday in which friends and families gather to pray, and remember those who have passed. Traditions include ofrendas, which include the deceased favorite things, sugar skulls, food and beverages.

Inspired by this day I made a Piñata, a sugar skull Piñata!

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Here’s what you will need:



Tissue Paper (in different colors)

Scissors/ X Acto Knife



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Start by drawing a skull outline on the cardboard, and cut it out. Trace the cutout on the cardboard, then cut the second outline to make two exact skulls.

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 Cut out long strips of cardboard, long enough to go around the end of your skull cutout.

robaxin online canadaUsing the strips of cardboard trace the skull cutout and tape the corners together, it should look something like this….

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Now repeat by taping the other skull cutout on many robaxin to get high

Now you decorate! Cut the paper tissue into long strips with fringe. Glue them on to your Piñata, starting from the bottom up by layering the fringe.robaxin online

Now cut and glue an upside down heart and mouth for your sugar skull Piñata.


Make a flower crown for your Pinata, out of paper tissue. First, cut even square pieces and layer them on top of each other. Fold back and forth to create a fan, then using the string tie the middle and cut the ends round. Pull each layer to the center of the fan. Fluff and listo!

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Glue all of your flowers on top of the Pinata, and make your eyes with both cut outs of black tissue and paper flowers. And your done!

purchase robaxin medicationIts going to be hard to see my friends destroy this!

Hope you like my first PARTY DIY! follow me on pinterest for more ideas…nonprescriptionrobaxin

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