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Hello All, Happy Tuesday!

 We are four days away from Valentine’s day. Some of you might be scrambling for cute gift ideas for your sweetie, babe, friend, bae, coworker, lover, boyfriend, husband, family member, partner, mijo, or friend with benefits (because millennials!). Whatever your relationship status may be, it is a lovely thought to have a day dedicated to love and friendship.

Being in this mushy, love, red hearts state of mind Ms. Gabriela Chabolla owner of Crumbly Baked Goods cheap Robaxin teamed up to teach you how to decorate your own sugar cookies for V-day. Using the brush embroidery technique she uses on her amazing cookies.

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robaxin 750 mgs

 Here’s what you will need:

1 lb of Powdered sugar

2 ½ cups of Meringue Powder

½ A lemon

¼ Cup of Water

Red- Soft gel paste food coloring

Sugar cookies (ingredients in link below)

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Spoons/Bowls (several of them)

Lemon Squeezer

3-Piping bags

Pastry tip tube, #5 & #2

1- Small embroidery brush

1- Piping Squeeze Bottle


robaxin mg dose

Start by preparing your dough, your favorite sugar cookie recipe will do just fine use Robaxin online. Roll out your dough, cut your shapes and bake!

 Crumbly Tip: Make sure to put your cookies shapes in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before you place them in the oven, this will help them hold their shape better.

 While your cookies are in the oven you can begin to make the frosting.

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 In a large bowl or Kitchen Aid mixer pour the powdered sugar and meringue powder, start the mixer on it’s slowest speed, then slowly pour the water. You will notice the icing will become thick and lumpy.

Robaxin usRobaxin usaNow cut half of the lemon, squeeze it and pour the juice into the mixing bowl. Once the icing reaches a thick honey like consistency you can at this point turn the speed of the mixer up to a faster, medium speed.

order robaxin online Leave the mixer at this speed for about 3 minutes, until you see the icing turn into softer peaks. Such as…

robaxin without a script Your stiff icing should look like this…..

robaxin italianoOnce you’ve mixed the icing, divide the frosting into the different bowls according to how many colors you will be using to decorate your cookies. We used 2 different shades of pink and white.

robaxin and orgasm We added four drops of (red) gel food coloring to one of your icing bowls for a darker shade of pink, and two drop for the lighter pink. Using a spoon mix the icing until you get the color that you like.

Once you’re done coloring, start mixing your icing into the proper consistency. (This is when things get tricky!)

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The consistency of the base of your cookie should be less dense than the original “stiff white icing”. In order to get a softer “flow type of icing” you will have to add teaspoons if not just drops of water to the icing until you get the right consistency.

*Crumbly Tip- If your icing gets too runny, because you added too much water. Add more powder sugar to bring it back to a softer “flow icing”.

You can test for consistency by pouring a ribbon of icing from a spoon back into the bowl, while timing how long it takes for the ribbon to be reincorporated into the rest of the icing. Flow icing should take 14-16 seconds to incorporate into the rest of the icing).

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Pour both shades of pink into two different piping bags with #5 tube tips. The white stiff icing you will divide between a piping bag with a #2 tip tube, and the squeeze bottle also with a #2 robaxin without prescription

robaxin 750 mg online no prescription

Once your cookies have been taken out of the oven, make an outline around the shape of the cookie using the pink flow icing piping bag and wait about 20 second for it set.robaxin online canada

Once the icing outline has slightly dried, fill the center of the cookie. Use a toothpick to spread the icing evenly.

no perscription generic robaxin

*Crumbly tip: Tap the cookie slightly to bring out any air bubble there might be and puncture them with a toothpick, this will give you a smoother many robaxin to get high

Let the cookies dry for at least 3 hours. Once they are dry, use the stiff white icing in the piping bag to make the petals of the flowers. Create a zigzagged curved line on the surface of the cookie.robaxin online

robaxinrobaxin no prescriptionOnce you form your line, take a stiff, small brush and wet it. Smudge the excess water off on a paper towel and carefully pull zigzagged line of icing towards the center. Repeat this process to create more flowers.order robaxin on lineYou can add more details to your cookie by adding cute dots, using the squeeze bottle. purchase robaxin medication nonprescriptionrobaxinhow to order robaxin online

These cookies are adorable, delicious, and serve as the perfect gift for practically any occasion. But….If you’re not much of a baker, crafter or do it yourselfer, you can have my dear friend Gabriela at buy robaxin otc bake a custom batch for you!

Subscribe to my blog via email, and follow, follow, follow for more fun ideas! 

Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

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