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On Friday I went to Corpus Christi, Tejas! Like thousands of other Selena Quintanilla fans I had to experience the first-ever Fiesta de la Flor. A two-day music festival  honoring the Queen of Tejano music held at Bayfront Park in downtown Corpus.

 I have been wanting to take a trip to Corpus since I moved to Austin two years ago. With the sole purpose to vibe off Selena’s hometown. To smell the air she smelled, do the washing machine on the bay stairs, visit her old home, the museum, her statue and become Suzette’s (Selena’s Sister) BFF in the process. Typical Selena fan goals, this would be my opportunity.

Friday, the schedule was set to drive straight to Corpus, then watch the special showing of the Selena movie. But due to severe thunderstorms and TORNADO warnings it had to be cancelled (Its ok, I had watched it the day before at the gym). The next day Dave, Ryan and I (Up-and-coming Selena fans) toured the late Queen’s hood, starting with the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center. The grounds gardens feature a unique blend of colorful, exotic floral exhibits with areas of native Corpus habitat and natural wetlands.

robaxin without a script robaxin italianorobaxin and orgasmoeder robaxin on linerobaxin indiaThey also care for amazing rescued exotic birds/reptiles, and host an open screen butterfly house.

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no perscription generic robaxinAy! How did Selena keep her hair so flawless in this weather. 

After our fun tour of the gardens, we headed off to the family-friendly Festival. Which to my surprise was highly organized! The City of Corpus Christi had public buses scheduled to pick up and drop of fans from the parking lot (city hall/courthouse) to the gates all day. Security/Volunteers happily guided you to the gates and assisted the elderly fans with chairs and mobility to enjoy the Tejano music.

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And the fans outfits were bidi bidi badass!

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These fans t-shirts were illustrated/designed by them. #fakefanwho follow them nonprescriptionrobaxin

how to order robaxin onlineRight after I did the washing machine….I headed to see the famous Selena robaxin otcgetting high off robaxin buy robaxin no prescriptionShe’s looking over sus fans. 

Mid day the rain began to pour down on everyone and the 8 brave little food trucks did not match up to the thousands of hungry Tejano lovers. Thankfully, the event did allow you to come-and-go and so we did in the name of tacos and hygiene. Once the storm had passed… we explored downtown only to find Selena’s Museum closed!

DSC_0768robaxin no prescription canadacan a senior buy robaxin DSC_0784

What I Wore: 

Top, H&M | Wrap Skirt, Urban Outfitters | Purse, | Sandals, Gap | Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Once back at the fiesta we enjoyed Los Palominos, Jay Perez and the Kumbia King Allstarz ft. Selena’s brother A.B Quintanilla. Honestly they still got it! The crowd was rowdy, swinging their hips and signing along to their greatest hits and Selena’s original songs.  Cuuuu Cuuuu!

At the end of the night the Kings along with the Quintanilla family thanked the fans for their support, and officially announced that Fiesta de la Flor would become an annual festival! Scheduled next year on May 6th- 7th. SELENA FOREVER!

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I only hope to see Fiesta de la Flor grow and become the Mexchella, SXSMEX, CorpusCityLimits…. FlorFlorFlor. Let’s Selena Quintanilla alive with more Latino Music.robaxin 500mg online

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Spring has sprrruuung in Texas! Between the rain and what already feels like summer days I never got a chance to wear my sweater poncho. Yes a poncho, I stayed away from the trend for quite sometime. It was only this spring that I purchased my first poncho. And just like Future at the SXSW Fader Fort, I am a fan.

Even thought I’ve had no use for it in Austin, yet. I did get to sport it last the weekend during my short trip to New Mexico. This poncho is really one of the best sweaters to keep around for chilly nights, cold airports and camping. Which I plan to do this weekend!

Here are some pictures of my then #OOTD taken by my little sister who also got a chance to play little blogger.

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Isn’t my sister talented?

What I wore:

Top, Gap | Jeans, Express | Poncho, Urban Outfitters | Booties, Aldo Shoes | Hat, Target | Necklace, Forever21

methocarbamol robaxin 500 mg canadian buy robaxin from india will robaxin get you high robaxin canadaHope you all have a great week! Follow me on the gram @ robaxin 500mg over counter 

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Throwback Trip to Chihuahua,Chihuahua, MX. As I am sitting here staring at my empty luggage bag, instead of packing for my trip home tomorrow. I realized I never shared the pictures of my short trip to Chihuahua City back in October.

Like most Mexicans I adore my family and even though I live miles away, they’re always in my thoughts. Or a whatsapp message away. My family doesn’t know how to keep secrets, use  “indoor voices” and boundaries……are non-existent. Cousins are sisters/brothers and our constant communication is more often than not hard to decipher. Or highly entertaining. And this trip that was to celebrate the coming birth of our niece Renata, was as memorable as every other trip we’ve had together.

Before im even MORE melodramatic… here are some pictures of my cousins and I in downtown Chihuahua.

robaxin online no prescriptionThe Cathedral, Plaza de Armas

buy generic robaxin canadawhere can i get robaxinrobaxin 750can robaxin get you highindian pharmacy robaxinno prescription robaxin buyShulas from left to right, Karen, Emily, Tillie and Melissa.

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Over the past few years downtown has had several renovations making it a destination for locals and tourists. The streets were alive with people enjoying the afternoon, shopping, walking, and like us taking pictures in their cute outfits.

robaxin get you highdoes robaxin require an rx in canadaThe City Hall, Plaza de Armas.

OOTD: Pants/Necklace, Express | Top, robaxin overnight delivery | Booties, Forever21| Purse, Old Navy| Sunnies, Quay Australia.

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Tarde pero seguro! <3 Sorry for not taking pictures of all the good food I ate…robaxin 500mg online