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And my love for natural “raw” materials continues. This time using wooden dowels, concrete and a cake (sort of) to make a concrete stool.  This project was inspired by the Homemade Modern one of my favorite bloggers with my some tweaks. I loved the idea, but didn’t particularly want a smooth concrete top. So I decided to use a cake lid as the mold, this idea only came to me after a potluck at my office. The pattern of the clear cake lid was perfect! The stool is durable, simple to make and more importantly very affordable!

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Here’s what you will need:

-2, 5/8 in. x 36 in Wooden dowels

-Quickrete Concrete Mix

-Cake display container lid

– Spray paint

Other Tools:



-Sand Paper

-Empty tape ring

-Masking tape

getting high off robaxin

Start by cutting three equal 16 inch wooden dowel pieces, using a hand saw or jigsaw.

You can add or subtract inches depending on how to tall you would like your stool to be.

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Once your pieces are evenly cut remove any excess wood chips by sanding down each end of the wooden dowels. Then begin to mix the concrete. Pour about 3 inches of concrete mix without the pebbles into the empty cake lid or a separate container, then slowly mix with water.

Now let your concrete mix let for about 30 minutes. Then take an empty masking tape ring and push it into the center of the concrete mold. Then carefully stick each wooden dowel piece angled into the center of the ring. Let the dowels rest on the edge of the ring, this will help support the weight of the dowels while the concrete dries.

Refer to can a senior buy robaxin for more details about mixing concrete. 
get robaxin online no prescriptionrobaxin without rxLet the concrete dry overnight.
robaxin 500mg online

Once the concrete is dry remove the lid mold!
robaxin otc usarobaxin 500mg suppliersNow add some details. Flip your stool “legs up”, wrap masking tape around each dowel 3 inches from the ends and spray paint whatever color you’d like. Let the paint dry, remove the tape and your done!robaxin highrobaxin for sale norobaxin mail order

My favorite thing about this project is that you can personalize the stool in so many different ways by making the legs taller, use different cake lid patterns, or paint the concrete top and legs in many colors.

 I want to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below and keep posted for pictures of my previous before and after rental home!

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