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DIY | Leather Earphone Holder

Hi Shulos!

How many times have you found your earphones tangled up in your gym bag, purse or drawer? I don’t now how many times I’ve sat in my kitchen trying to untangle pens, necklaces, or my keys from the damn things. By now I am sure you’ve seen variations of earphone holders, but why not take it to the next level and make it your own.  Here’s a fun and easy DIY for your #firstworldproblem.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Natural Tooling Leather, $4

– Alphabet Leather Kit

– Rivets with Setter, $9

Other tools:

– Hammer

– X Acto Knife

– Pen

– Cutting Mat (optional)

– Rotary Hole Puncher (optional)


Draw or trace a 2.5″ circle on the fuzzy side of the natural leather piece.

Tip: You can find then print, a perfect 2.5″ circle from the web.


Cut out the 2.5″ circle using an x-acto knife over a cutting board. You can also use some really sharp scissors!


Fold in the leather circle like a taco.


Then mark the center (approx 0.5″) away from the curved edge.


Punch a hole through both ends of your leather taco by using the small setting on the rotary hole puncher. If you don’t have a rotary puncher use a sharp object like an x-acto knife or a kitchen knife to dig the hole.


Unfold the leather taco (circle) and lightly dab water to half.


Use a hammer to stamp on a nickname, phrase or lyrics on half or all around the circle with an alphabet leather kit. Hammer on a steady surface each letter, not much force is required — one sharp tap, straight down on the top of the letter punch will suffice. If you didn’t apply enough pressure, you can carefully re-align the stamp and do it again.


SHULA: My nickname/favorite adjective to describe a babe, place or thing.


Select a small rivet cap (shiny top) and shaft (flat bottom).


Fold the circle like a taco again facing up and push the shaft (flat side) through both holes. Set the rivet over the round base.


Press the rivet cap over the shaft. Place the metal bar over the cap and lightly hammer on the end to secure the rivet pieces.


Listo! Now untangle your earphones.


Then wrap them around your fingers and pull them through your personalized leather earphone holder!


Some I’ve made for friends: Thanks for the photos Taylor!


I want to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below.

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Emerald Coast

Hi Shulos,

This post has been long overdue, i’ll the first to admit that I’ve been slacking! Better late. So let me share with you some photos of Destin, Niceville and Destin, Florida. Known unofficially as the Emerald Coast, a charming place that my family calls home.

DSC_0245Emerald coast stretches about 100 miles through five counties, with sand that feels like powdered sugar. Its beautiful, and so clean that it even squeaks when you step on it. The coast got its unofficial name because of its bright emerald-green water that pops next to the white soft sand and the light blue sky.

DSC_0242Seaside, Florida is a very unique place. The town was built to look like an old-fashioned beach town, with traditional wood-framed cottages. The streets are radiant, with pedestrian alleys and open spaces, simply adorable. It’s relaxed, artsy vibe reminded me a lot of home.


Meltdown a funky specialty grilled cheese food truck in the center of central square. Delicious grilled cheeses for grown ups with a twist. Coming from Austin I compared it to Burro and this place seriously takes the cheese! DSC_0241I tried the brie and bacon on cranberry walnut bread. You can’t go wrong with that combination, am I right?DSC_0233Veronica and Donovan.DSC_0288DSC_0282Later we stopped by The Art of Simple. A cute shop with curiosities and necessities. DSC_0297DSC_0292Seaside’s central square has a farmer’s market with local vendors, fresh produce and specialty treats. DSC_0294DSC_0236Little Miss Evelyn! DSC_0299DSC_0301Next day in Destin we kicked off the day with Another Broken Egg. (Coming to Austin, Texas soon!) A spot with delicious handmade biscuit beignets gourmet omelets and different types of eggs benedict. My favorite! DSC_0306DSC_0330DSC_0347DSC_0338DSC_0312

Bianca, Veronica & Donovan.DSC_0333DSC_0361Stroll on the Destin Broadway. Even though it was a short trip, I was impressed by Emerald Coast and can’t wait to visit again. Hopefully when its warm, and the ocean is not such a big tease.

Thanks for reading! Coming soon is a post about my trip to Portland and a new DIY.

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