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Hi Shulos!

How many times have you found your earphones tangled up in your gym bag, purse or drawer? I don’t now how many times I’ve sat in my kitchen trying to untangle pens, necklaces, or my keys from the damn things. By now I am sure you’ve seen variations of earphone holders, but why not take it to the next level and make it your own.  Here’s a fun and easy DIY for your #firstworldproblem.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

– Natural Tooling Leather, $4

– Alphabet Leather Kit

– Rivets with Setter, $9

Other tools:

– Hammer

– X Acto Knife

– Pen

– Cutting Mat (optional)

– Rotary Hole Puncher (optional)

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Draw or trace a 2.5″ circle on the fuzzy side of the natural leather piece.

Tip: You can find then print, a perfect 2.5″ circle from the web.

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Cut out the 2.5″ circle using an x-acto knife over a cutting board. You can also use some really sharp scissors!

cheap Robaxinpurchase Robaxin

Fold in the leather circle like a taco.

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Then mark the center (approx 0.5″) away from the curved edge.

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Punch a hole through both ends of your leather taco by using the small setting on the rotary hole puncher. If you don’t have a rotary puncher use a sharp object like an x-acto knife or a kitchen knife to dig the hole.

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Unfold the leather taco (circle) and lightly dab water to half.

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Use a hammer to stamp on a nickname, phrase or lyrics on half or all around the circle with an alphabet leather kit. Hammer on a steady surface each letter, not much force is required — one sharp tap, straight down on the top of the letter punch will suffice. If you didn’t apply enough pressure, you can carefully re-align the stamp and do it again.

Robaxin online

SHULA: My nickname/favorite adjective to describe a babe, place or thing.

Robaxin uk

Select a small rivet cap (shiny top) and shaft (flat bottom).

Robaxin us

Fold the circle like a taco again facing up and push the shaft (flat side) through both holes. Set the rivet over the round base.

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Press the rivet cap over the shaft. Place the metal bar over the cap and lightly hammer on the end to secure the rivet pieces.

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Listo! Now untangle your earphones.

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Then wrap them around your fingers and pull them through your personalized leather earphone holder!

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Some I’ve made for friends: Thanks for the photos Taylor!

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I want to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below.

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Hi Shulos,

This post has been long overdue, i’ll the first to admit that I’ve been slacking! Better late. So let me share with you some photos of Destin, Niceville and Destin, Florida. Known unofficially as the Emerald Coast, a charming place that my family calls home.

how many robaxin to get highEmerald coast stretches about 100 miles through five counties, with sand that feels like powdered sugar. Its beautiful, and so clean that it even squeaks when you step on it. The coast got its unofficial name because of its bright emerald-green water that pops next to the white soft sand and the light blue sky.

robaxin onlineSeaside, Florida is a very unique place. The town was built to look like an old-fashioned beach town, with traditional wood-framed cottages. The streets are radiant, with pedestrian alleys and open spaces, simply adorable. It’s relaxed, artsy vibe reminded me a lot of home.

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order robaxin on line a funky specialty grilled cheese food truck in the center of central square. Delicious grilled cheeses for grown ups with a twist. Coming from Austin I compared it to Burro and this place seriously takes the cheese! purchase robaxin medicationI tried the brie and bacon on cranberry walnut bread. You can’t go wrong with that combination, am I right?nonprescriptionrobaxinVeronica and Donovan.how to order robaxin onlinebuy robaxin otcLater we stopped by The Art of Simple. A cute shop with curiosities and necessities. getting high off robaxinDSC_0292Seaside’s central square has a farmer’s market with local vendors, fresh produce and specialty treats. buy robaxin no prescriptionrobaxin no prescription canadaLittle Miss Evelyn! can a senior buy robaxinget robaxin online no prescriptionNext day in Destin we kicked off the day with robaxin without rx. (Coming to Austin, Texas soon!) A spot with delicious handmade biscuit beignets gourmet omelets and different types of eggs benedict. My favorite! robaxin 500mg onlinerobaxin otc usarobaxin 500mg suppliersrobaxin highrobaxin for sale no

Bianca, Veronica & Donovan.robaxin mail orderbuy robaxin 750 mg no prescriptionStroll on the Destin Broadway. Even though it was a short trip, I was impressed by Emerald Coast and can’t wait to visit again. Hopefully when its warm, and the ocean is not such a big tease.

Thanks for reading! Coming soon is a post about my trip to Portland and a new DIY.

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Hi Shulos!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day. Even though I regret not posting this awesome project earlier it was nice to focus on other things like reading, friends, live music and my new gig. It hasn’t been a bad trade. This wood canvas was inspired by Urban Outfitters’ raw wood store display and cost under $75.

Special thanks to my dear friend Alexis Castaneda for collaborating with me. Your an awesome woodcrafter with big bad tools!

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Here’s what you will need:

– 1, 3/4 in x 2 ft x 4 ft Plywood Project Panel

-16, 1/2 in x 36 in Wodden Square Dowel

-Wood Glue

– Painter’s Tape

-1, Sheet of Sand Paper

– 2 different shades of Wood Finish, 8 oz. Pick your fave!


-Chalk Reel or Pencil

– Paint Brush

– Measuring Tape

– Jig Saw, Hand Saw or access to a friend with a milter saw!

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Using a chalk reel or pencil find and mark the center of the plywood.

Hope my tutorial graphics help explain my instructions!

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Use a dowel to mark 8 lines starting from the center horizontal line to the edge of the plywood. Each line should be 2 inches apart and at a 45 degree angle.nonprescription robaxinrobaxin from candadian pharmacy

You will use the lines as a guide to measure then cut each dowel. Place a dowel over each line, then make a mark at the edge of the plywood. Make sure to label each dowel according to the placement and length. With the help of my friend Alexis and/or your choice of saw, cut each dowel at a 45 degree angle at each end.

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You should have 8 dowels pieces at different lengths. Glue each dowel piece over the the lines on the plywood, apply pressure. robaxin 500robaxin online no prescriptionbuy generic robaxin canadawhere can i get robaxin

Repeat these steps to complete the other three sections of the plywood canvas.

robaxin 750Glue each dowel piece to the adjacent piece, starting from center edges.
can robaxin get you highRepeat the same steps to complete the remaining half of the plywood canvas.
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high off robaxinOnce you have glued each dowel to match the graphic above. Use the remaining dowel pieces to mark horizontal lines at 2 inches apart from the center to the edge of the plywood.robaxin get you highOnce again measure the dowel’s length and cut each end at 45 degrees, then glue!does robaxin require an rx in canada

The center of the plywood canvas should look a lot like this. robaxin overnight delivery robaxin side effectsLet your wood art sit over night. robaxin 750 mg no rxUsing painter’s tape trace the inside of the center that make the horizontal lines. Then 4 dowel lines over on each side.
no rx robaxinPaint the opposite (center) triangles with the darkest shade of wood finish.does robaxin get you highLet the paint set 30 minutes. Then paint the remaining sections in the lighter wood finish.
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Once the wood finish has dried remove the remaining chalk or pencil marks with a sheet of sand paper. Use the sand paper to smooth out any jagged edges too. buy robaxin 750 mg

The last step is to hang your new wall art in your home, keep it simple by drilling two holes an inch away from the corners. Hang with a pair of screws and your done!

buy robaxin onlinebuy robaxin from indiaFollow more coming DIY’s and daily inspirations buy robaxin australia

Leave a comment below for more information on this wood canvas.

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From the leafy colonial streets of Coyoacán to the posh culinary and arts scene in Condesa, Mexico City is quickly dusting off its former image as a grim city. Tales of savory tacos, museums and tequila convinced me to trade Thanksgiving, for a weekend in the city.

Mexico City is the country’s largest and most important city, with a booming population of 21 million. Underestimating its immensity I gave myself 72 hours to explore. A week would have been ideal, but with friends like mine I got to experience plenty. Here’s how we spent our time.

robaxin 1500 mgWe started the day by taking a stroll in el Parque (Park) de Chapultepec. The park has outdoor water activities, a zoo, a modern art museum, and its very own castle.

robaxin 500 mg dosage robaxin 500 mg for dogs robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxerThe footpath is covered with shops, lined up with handmade goods, souvenirs, and so many snacks! Fresh fruit, chips, candy and corn on the cob to name a few, all covered with lime and chile.

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One of the main attractions of the park is the Castillo (Castle) de Chapultepec, sitting at the top of a spiral hill overlooking the city. You can say it’s the Versailles of Mexico City. You can hop from room to room and see fully preserved palace bedrooms, paintings, glass murals and my personal favorite the French-style roof top garden.

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buying robaxin online robaxin to buy methocarbamol 750 mg robaxin free viagra samples before buying ukbuy viagra online prescriptionFrom the Castle we continued to walk towards Paseo de la Reforma, a busy avenue that runs across the heart of Mexico City.

buy viagra online canadian pharmacy buy cheap viagra online canadian pharmacyOne of the most famous monuments of Paseo is the El Angel de la Independencia.

Mexico City has various inexpensive forms of transportation that easily help you hop from site to site.buy viagra online cheapTorre Latinoamericana.

buy viagra online cheap ukbuy viagra online usaThis is by far the trendiest coffee shop I have ever been in, Cielito Querido Café. After having a delicious cup of Café de Olla (Spiced coffee) and a piece of Guayaba Cheesecake. Across the street you will find the beautiful gold dome-topped Palacio de Bellas Artes, Its art décor interior will surprise you.

buy real viagra online usa buy viagra online reviews best place to buy viagra online reviewsThe Quincenera taking professional photos in front of the Palace did not surprise me.

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We continued to The Zocalo the main square, one of the largest in the world. Built over Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor discovered in 1978. Were we took a night bike tour, and did some shopping.can i buy viagra online with a prescription buy non prescription viagra online buy cheap viagra online with prescription do i need a prescription to buy viagra online

The next day we spent the day in Xochimilco, a former city that has been swallowed up by the city. Its main attraction being its canals were tourists and locals ride the cheerful gondolas.

I’d say the tales are true! I fell in love with Mexico City, and only wish to visit again soon.

Muchas Gracias a Nico y Stefany por su hospitalidad, los quiero!

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Halloween is a couple of days away and even though my costume is still in pieces, my dog’s is on point.  I’ll admit my dog seems to enjoy them. Mostly because he gets treats and lots of attention, but obviously its just for my entertainment.  Make this ridiculous, adorable loofah costume for your dog for under $10! buy viagra online canada with mastercard

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Here’s what you will need:

– 4 yds of Tulle

– 1/2 in Elastic

– 12 inches of White Rope

– Blue Embroidery String

– Rubber Duck Other


Other Tools:

– Scissors

– Hot glue

Start by folding the tulle at about 15 in wide stacking one layer over the other.

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Once the whole 4 yds of tulle is folded at the same width, cut each fold at the ends to create individual rectangular pieces. is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy

Place two tulle pieces one over and cinche at the middle. Cut a short piece of string and tie it around the middle to hold it in place. Repeat this step using all of the tulle pieces. buy viagra online cheap canada

Measure your pups chest and torso using the elastic. Then cut and tie both pieces.
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Now attach each tulle bundle using the extra string around each elastic band.
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Once you have attached each bundle of tulle the elastic band will now look like a tutu.
buy viagra online using paypalTake the larger tutu and hot glue each end of the rope together to create the loofah’s handle. Then glue the rubber duck close by.
where can you buy viagra online using paypal buy viagra online usa paypalNow slip it on your festive pup!
legal buy viagra online usabuy generic viagra online usabuy pfizer viagra online usaIsn’t he just adorable! Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone. Follow more DIY’s on my pinterest how can you buy real viagra online in usa.

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One day hopefully in the near future I will be a proud homeowner. With an extended backyard, tall ceilings with exposed beams, countless windows, old charm, a dream homem naturally it will be everything I’ve wished for. A girl can dream! But until then, we’ve all likely found ourselves living in a wide variety of apartments, tiny homes, sublets that are usually less-than-ideal. Being a tenant can be tricky, because while paying your rent on time is important, so  is making sure your place is personalized and stylish. Depending on your landlords rules, there are cheap and simple options that can help make your new space feel like your own.

Even though I recently moved into a new place I wanted to share some tips on how I spruced up my bungalow’s kitchen. Check out these before and after pictures.


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The kitchen was not terrible. The space was a little awkward, but it defiantly lacked color other than blush pink. Depending on your landlords terms and your budget, here are some ideas to consider for your space.


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Walls: If you are willing to repaint or sacrifice part of your deposit, paint will be the most affordable way to brighten up your walls. Especially if the walls have texture, since wallpaper takes a longer process. I used two different shades of paint to cover up the pink walls. Using some painters tape, I created clean lines on the wall over my sink by first painting the base white then layering two coats of grey. On the opposite end of the kitchen I decided to paint only half the wall grey at an angle, using the same tools.

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Hardware:  Replace all of the outdated doorknobs. Most doorknobs can easy be unscrewed and replace in a matter of minutes, plus you can always switch them back at the end of your contract.
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Lighting: Using the existing light hardware, replace the shade by simply unscrewing the typically glass top. Again you can switch this back later.
buy viagra brand onlinebuy brand viagra online canadaStorage: Lack of storage can be a problem in any kitchen. Luckily your walls/counters can easy support your kitchen supplies with some nifty help from Ikea.
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 Decor: Use what you’ve got, DIY or go shopping to redecorate your improved kitchen! I have a ton of plants, that are easy to maintain, affordable and look great in any space.

I wish I could have ripped out cabinets, the sink, changed the floors…etc! However with the changes I made I was able to personalize my space, get back my deposit back and live happily in my bungalow.

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Paint: White, Bit of Sugar from Bher Paint  /Grey: Pencil Sketch from Bher Paint @ buy generic viagra super force online

Hardware: Liberty 3/4 Milk Bottle Knob @ buy pfizer brand viagra online

Lighting: NYMO  @ buy brand viagra online australia

Storage: Grundtal, Magnetic Knife @ buy cheap brand viagra online

Photo Crede to Ryan Walters on my before pictures! @ buy viagra soft tabs online

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Most only think of winter when Aspen is mentioned, yet when the snow melts and wildflowers blossom, summer comes out to play in this town in the mountains of Colorado. Thousands of miles covered in crisp pine trees, creeks and rivers come to life and critters roam freely. A town perfectly nested between the mountains with its highest peak reaching 11,212 feet. This is where you find your bliss.

The town is a mere 3 hours away from the City of Denver and the road there could not be more gratifying. The narrow highway that takes you through Independence Pass is surrounded by several charming ski villages. This route goes over the Rocky Mountains exposing you to steep ridges, lakes and unbelievable views that lead to Aspen.
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Meet my travel buddy and dear friend Karla. Excuse our tired, but excited faces.buy viagra online

Downtown Aspen. The population fluctuates with constant tourists from all over the country (including A-List Celebrities) that sustain the high-end shops, restaurants and outdoor activities.

buy viagra cheapbuy viagra online canada

buy viagra with paypalbuy viagra canadaNow meet Marisol! A now local, great friend and the sole reason of our trip.
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Nothing but. Everyone is happy! There is no real need for a vehicle in Aspen, we roamed the streets, hiked into town day and night without a care in the world simply enjoying our surroundings. buy viagra pills buy viagra usa buy viagra brand buy brand name viagra

buy brand viagra australiaAspen must: Ride the gondola’s up to highest peak at 11,212 elevation. The ride up was pleasant, coming down was challenging for me (to say the least).where can i buy brand viagrabuy viagra cialis levitra online buy real viagra levitra cialis online edrugstore.mdAt the top of the mountain there is a calm chilly breeze, with a view that will make your head spin. Literally the elevation is alarming.
cheap robaxin buy cheap robaxin purchase robaxin online purchase robaxin order robaxin online order robaxinThe best thing about Aspen is being able to enjoy the great outdoors then eat, then continue to appreciate the lush vegetation that overpowers the town.
buy robaxin onlineParadise Bakery & Cafebuy robaxin uk buy robaxin 750Saturday, local farmers market stroll.
buy robaxin#godmadethis where can you buy robaxinVintage shop in Glenwood, CO.
where can i buy robaxin where can i buy robaxin in canada buy robaxin 750 mg buy robaxin canada can you buy robaxin over the counter

Brunch at Justice Snows, inside the historic wheeler opera house.can you buy robaxin over the counter in canada where to buy robaxin buy Robaxin

John Denver Sanctuarybuy Robaxin onlineThank you Marisol for being such an amazing host. We had a great time!

Subscribe to my blog by plugging in your email on “Subscribe” box on the right. Keep posted for changes to come!

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And my love for natural “raw” materials continues. This time using wooden dowels, concrete and a cake (sort of) to make a concrete stool.  This project was inspired by the Homemade Modern one of my favorite bloggers with my some tweaks. I loved the idea, but didn’t particularly want a smooth concrete top. So I decided to use a cake lid as the mold, this idea only came to me after a potluck at my office. The pattern of the clear cake lid was perfect! The stool is durable, simple to make and more importantly very affordable!

robaxin mg dosage

Here’s what you will need:

-2, 5/8 in. x 36 in Wooden dowels

-Quickrete Concrete Mix

-Cake display container lid

– Spray paint

Other Tools:



-Sand Paper

-Empty tape ring

-Masking tape

robaxin mg dose

Start by cutting three equal 16 inch wooden dowel pieces, using a hand saw or jigsaw.

You can add or subtract inches depending on how to tall you would like your stool to be.

Robaxin online Robaxin uk

Once your pieces are evenly cut remove any excess wood chips by sanding down each end of the wooden dowels. Then begin to mix the concrete. Pour about 3 inches of concrete mix without the pebbles into the empty cake lid or a separate container, then slowly mix with water.

Now let your concrete mix let for about 30 minutes. Then take an empty masking tape ring and push it into the center of the concrete mold. Then carefully stick each wooden dowel piece angled into the center of the ring. Let the dowels rest on the edge of the ring, this will help support the weight of the dowels while the concrete dries.

Refer to Robaxin us for more details about mixing concrete. 
Robaxin usaorder robaxin onlineLet the concrete dry overnight.
robaxin without a script

Once the concrete is dry remove the lid mold!
robaxin italianorobaxin and orgasmNow add some details. Flip your stool “legs up”, wrap masking tape around each dowel 3 inches from the ends and spray paint whatever color you’d like. Let the paint dry, remove the tape and your done!oeder robaxin on linerobaxin indiarobaxin 500 onlike no prescription

My favorite thing about this project is that you can personalize the stool in so many different ways by making the legs taller, use different cake lid patterns, or paint the concrete top and legs in many colors.

 I want to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below and keep posted for pictures of my previous before and after rental home!

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Maybe you’ve noticed my recent obsession of using all natural “raw” materials in my current DIY posts. I know doing it yourself isn’t always the easiest or more affordable option, but honestly there is no better feeling than making something with your two hands. Specially something that you will ultimately need or want. On my last trip my luggage tag was destroyed by luggage claim, naturally I decided to make my own.  Using natural “naked” leather.

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Here’s what you will need:

– Natural Tooling Leather, $4

– Alphabet Leather Kit

– Suede Leather Cord, $2

Other tools:

– Hammer

– X Acto Knife

– Cutting Mat

– Rotary Hole Puncher
robaxin online

Start by cutting 3″ leather rectangles using an x acto knife. Leather can be tricky to cut, make sure to go over your cut a couple of times over a sturdy cutting board.

You can make about 4 luggage tags with one single leather strip. 
robaxinrobaxin no prescriptionMake a second cut at an angle across the top of the leather tag.
order robaxin on linepurchase robaxin medicationUsing the rotary hole puncher make medium-sized hole on the top/center of the tag.
nonprescriptionrobaxinhow to order robaxin online

Leather is more receptive to being stamped when it’s damp. Dip your leather pieces into a bowl of water. Do not soak the tags, just damp them.
buy robaxin otc

In order to stamp on the  leather you will need to hammer each letter using the leather kit. Start by lining up the first letter of every line on the end of the tag and work your way across. Make sure do your hammering on a steady surface. You will not need to use that much force — one sharp tap, straight down on the top of the letter punch will suffice. If you didn’t apply enough pressure, you can carefully realign the stamp and do it again. Then cut 8-10 inch pieces of the leather cord, pull through the hole in the stamped leather piece and make a strong knot.

And you are done, how chic is your new luggage tag! You can make different sized luggage tags according to what information you want on it.

getting high off robaxinbuy robaxin no prescriptionrobaxin no prescription canada

Let me know what you think of this project? Leave your comment below and make sure to follow me!
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You’ve likely seen your share of cute decorative boxes for your home/office lately. Along with a lot of household goods made from simple, natural, organic materials. A trend that I predict will last, and love.Many of these items are made with leather, wood, concrete and metal objects; it is a wonderful time to be a DIYer. Specially because all of these materials in the raw are relatively inexpensive, last forever and are easy to manipulate.

After being inspired by the two trends I created this simple chalkboard message box for my office space. That only took me about 30 minutes.

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Here’s what you will need:

– Wooden Box, found at Target or Hobby Lobby

– Chalkboard Paint

– Chalk

– Rock, Gem, Quartz of your choosing

Other tools:

– Paintbrush


– Glue

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Paint the top of the wooden box.robaxin for sale noWhile the paint dries, carefully unscrew the existing hardware on the wooden box.
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I decided to add this beautiful green quartz that was originally on a necklace I stumbled across at Goodwill. Glue the top half of the quartz on the top of the lid.buy robaxin from mexico


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Now add a message with some walk and change it up as much as you want.

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Have a great weekend Shulos!

Keep posted for more trendy DIY’s for your lifestyle, coming up next week.

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