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I have been looking for an interesting end table to fit my style, small space, and most importantly my budget. But no such luck.

When trying to fill that awkward corner, space between chairs or sofa more often than not, DIY furniture is the way to go. With the right tools and some free time you can build something that you can display with a little more pride than just making a simple purchase.

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Here’s what you will need:

– 1, 10ft copper pipe

-4, 3/4″ copper end caps

-4, 3/4″ copper T-fittings

-4, 3/4″ copper 90 degree elbow

-1, Pack of  3/4″ tube straps

-1, 18″x24″ Acrylic Sheet

-4 Screws & Nuts

robaxin without a scriptrobaxin italianoTools:

-Super glue

-Jigsaw or plastic cutter

-C- Clap

-Power drill

-Ruler/ tape measurer

**You will need to cut the 10ft copper pipe into pieces, Home Depot/ Lowes can do it for you for free. Or you can use pipe cutter! You will need 4- 18 inch pieces, 4- 8 inch pieces, 4- 3 inch pieces. These can be adjusted according to your size preference. 

Lay down your pipes and fittings according to the picture below. Then glue and attach each copper pipe to the cooper fittings…..just like connecting legos.

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oeder robaxin on lineLet the copper legs sit for a couple of hours until the super glue is dry. While you wait make your table top. Measure and mark a 12″ x 12″ square on the acrylic sheet.robaxin indiaUsing a plastic cutter or jigsaw cut the square top.

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Take two pipe straps, and space them evenly on your acrylic table top. Make a mark on each hole of the strap were you will attach the copper pipe legs too.

buy robaxin without prescriptionAttach a size 1/32 drill bit to the power drill and make the four holes.robaxin 750 mg online no prescription

robaxin online canadaOnce your copper pipe legs are dry and sturdy, attach the pipe strap to each leg. Then pull the screw through the table top and strap, into the nut under the table top. Just like this…no perscription generic robaxinhow many robaxin to get high

And your done! Now dress up your new chic end table.

robaxin onlineLet me know what you think in a comment below, and subscribe to my page via email for more easy DIY’s!


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Its been two weeks since I posted anything… sorry. Austin City Limits happened and I managed to attend both weekends. Because I’ve evolved into this festival junkie, but OH MY GAWD! It was bananas! I have just recently re-adjusted my sleeping pattern and finally finished this, sigh….



Here’s what you will need:

Shelve bracket

3-Way Socket w/ Turn Knob

Light fixture cord


2- 3/8 in Round hardwood dowel

Metallic Silver spray paint

Glue (I used Gorrilla Glue, but hot glue will also do the job)

how to order robaxin onlineOther tools:

Power drill


Hand saw

Start by cutting the hardwood dowel using a hand saw into the following sizes:12- 6inch | 6- 9inch. Create a hexagon using 6 of the 6 inch sticks, and glue them together.

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This next step is just like playing with Legos. Take the top of the 3-Way Socket and the 6- 9inch sticks, glue each stick at every corner of your hexagon first, then to the top of the socket.

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Pull the light fixture cord through the top hole of the 3- Way Socket. Then…

Separate the metal ends of the light fixture cord, take the bottom of the 3-Way Socket and unscrew the (two) screws on each end. Wrap each metal end to each screw and tighten it with the screwdriver.

Like dis…

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Then simply attach the two 3-Way socket top/bottom together, and pull the light fixture cord back.

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You will now need to glue the other 6- 6inch sticks together to make the bottom point of the diamond…(Shine bright like a diamond…RIRI stuck in my head!). Again glue each stick to each corner of the hexagon and then together to make the point.

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Now spray paint the crap out of it, and make a little dance because your almost done!

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Attach the bracket to your wall with a power drill or screwdriver, add a light bulb and wrap the cord in/out of the bracket and let it hang! You now have a minimalist, chic pendant light that will bring more light into your home.

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Let me know what you think in a comment below! And keep posted for upcoming projects and #ootds.

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I recently moved into the most charming old Victorian style home, but with its charm came  less closet space! (You can’t have it all!). Even though I donated a lot of stuff, I still needed more storage space. Mainly rack space, but I didn’t want it to bulk up my dressing room. So, I decided to building my own hanging clothes rack, sort of like a boutique. And it turned out amazing, I was honestly very proud.

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Here’s what you need to make it!

 You can find it all at The Home Depot.

1″in x 50″in Plain Steel Rod

7 ft Stainless Steel Wire Rope

1 Set, Aluminium Ferrules

4 1/4″in Cobra Anchors

2 Wire Ring Anchor Point

All for under $25!

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Extra tools:

Power Drill

Wire Cutters



Tip: Home Depot can cut the steel rod at any size you want.

Hold the steel rod against the ceiling and make a mark (with pen or pencil) at each end, on that same mark hold the wire ring and make two marks in each hole.

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Then install the cobra anchors on your marks. Using your power drill, pierce the ceiling using the tip of the driller toggle and screw it into the ceiling, then slide the body through.

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Insert the machined screw through the wire ring anchor “hole”, then screw clockwise into the anchor until firmly in place. Repeat this step to install both wire rings.

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Now take one of the steel ferrules and slide one end of wire rope through.

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Loop the wire rope through the wire ring anchor, then slide the same end of the wire rope through the ferrule and hold.

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Using the pliers crimp (press) the ferrule tightly, so that the wire can’t pull through. You will need to repeat these steps at the other end of the hanging clothes rack.

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Take the wire rope then pull it through both the steel rod, and the wire anchor. While you hold the steel rod repeat the last steps and install the other ferrule.

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Cut the extra wire rope with the wire cutters…and Voila!

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