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Its a girl!

My cousin is having a baby girl, and I seriously can’t wait to spoil her. This past weekend was her baby shower and auntie-to-be got her some dope baby gear (Did you know they have baby wipes heaters now? blew my mind). Naturally I didn’t stop there I had to make her something a little less ordinary, gold and adorable. So I made her these….


This is my cuuuutest DIY, yet.

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This DIY is very easy, and you can hand sew.

Here is what you will need:

Baby Booties Pattern

12″ x 12″ Pleather Fabric

Leather Laces



Rotary Hole Puncher


can you buy robaxin over the counter in canada

 Other tools:

E-600 Glue

Pen or Marker

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I had to hand draw my own pattern, but you don’t! You can print this pattern and use for your baby booties. The pattern piece is for a size 1 bootie. Just print larger for larger sizes!

Start by cutting the bootie pattern and trace it twice on the back side of your fabric (make sure to flip over the sole piece for the right side bootie).

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Now cut your pieces, and set the extra fabric aside.

Using the rotary hole puncher, cut the marked circles on the heel piece and cut the two lines on the front piece.

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cheap Robaxin

Sew the heel piece with the sole piece (leather facing in).

Use binder clips or clothespins to hold the fabric together if needed. Make sure to position the piece so it is even. Sew 1/8″ from edge to secure.

purchase Robaxinrobaxin 750 mgs

Now sew the front piece on to the sole piece, over lapping into the heel piece at each end.

robaxin mgrobaxin mg dosage

Now flip your bootie inside out, and lace them up!

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You can leave them as is, or do as I did and make them Moccasin Baby Booties.

Using extra fabric cut out two 1″ x 2″ pieces, then cut 1″ slices across to create fringe for that moccasin look. Now simply glue the pieces (fringe down) across the front part of your booties.

Robaxin online

Aren’t they adorable!!!

Pocahontas wishes she had these flawless baby moccasin booties.

Check out more pictures of simple crafts, inspo and ootds on my IG Robaxin uk

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Its been two weeks since I posted anything… sorry. Austin City Limits happened and I managed to attend both weekends. Because I’ve evolved into this festival junkie, but OH MY GAWD! It was bananas! I have just recently re-adjusted my sleeping pattern and finally finished this, sigh….


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Here’s what you will need:

Shelve bracket

3-Way Socket w/ Turn Knob

Light fixture cord


2- 3/8 in Round hardwood dowel

Metallic Silver spray paint

Glue (I used Gorrilla Glue, but hot glue will also do the job)

robaxin and orgasmOther tools:

Power drill


Hand saw

Start by cutting the hardwood dowel using a hand saw into the following sizes:12- 6inch | 6- 9inch. Create a hexagon using 6 of the 6 inch sticks, and glue them together.

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This next step is just like playing with Legos. Take the top of the 3-Way Socket and the 6- 9inch sticks, glue each stick at every corner of your hexagon first, then to the top of the socket.

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Pull the light fixture cord through the top hole of the 3- Way Socket. Then…

Separate the metal ends of the light fixture cord, take the bottom of the 3-Way Socket and unscrew the (two) screws on each end. Wrap each metal end to each screw and tighten it with the screwdriver.

Like dis…

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Then simply attach the two 3-Way socket top/bottom together, and pull the light fixture cord back.

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You will now need to glue the other 6- 6inch sticks together to make the bottom point of the diamond…(Shine bright like a diamond…RIRI stuck in my head!). Again glue each stick to each corner of the hexagon and then together to make the point.

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Now spray paint the crap out of it, and make a little dance because your almost done!

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Attach the bracket to your wall with a power drill or screwdriver, add a light bulb and wrap the cord in/out of the bracket and let it hang! You now have a minimalist, chic pendant light that will bring more light into your home.

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Let me know what you think in a comment below! And keep posted for upcoming projects and #ootds.

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I recently moved into the most charming old Victorian style home, but with its charm came  less closet space! (You can’t have it all!). Even though I donated a lot of stuff, I still needed more storage space. Mainly rack space, but I didn’t want it to bulk up my dressing room. So, I decided to building my own hanging clothes rack, sort of like a boutique. And it turned out amazing, I was honestly very proud.


Here’s what you need to make it!

 You can find it all at The Home Depot.

1″in x 50″in Plain Steel Rod

7 ft Stainless Steel Wire Rope

1 Set, Aluminium Ferrules

4 1/4″in Cobra Anchors

2 Wire Ring Anchor Point

All for under $25!

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Extra tools:

Power Drill

Wire Cutters



Tip: Home Depot can cut the steel rod at any size you want.

Hold the steel rod against the ceiling and make a mark (with pen or pencil) at each end, on that same mark hold the wire ring and make two marks in each hole.

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Then install the cobra anchors on your marks. Using your power drill, pierce the ceiling using the tip of the driller toggle and screw it into the ceiling, then slide the body through.

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Insert the machined screw through the wire ring anchor “hole”, then screw clockwise into the anchor until firmly in place. Repeat this step to install both wire rings.

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Now take one of the steel ferrules and slide one end of wire rope through.

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Loop the wire rope through the wire ring anchor, then slide the same end of the wire rope through the ferrule and hold.

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Using the pliers crimp (press) the ferrule tightly, so that the wire can’t pull through. You will need to repeat these steps at the other end of the hanging clothes rack.

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Take the wire rope then pull it through both the steel rod, and the wire anchor. While you hold the steel rod repeat the last steps and install the other ferrule.

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Cut the extra wire rope with the wire cutters…and Voila!

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Hello! My name is Priscilla Sandoval and I am a sunglasses hoarder!

While in the process of moving last week I realized that my old sunnies display could no longer hold my growing collection. So, I decided to make a new one and share my DIY….it only cost me $15.

methocarbamol robaxin 500 mg canadian

Here’s what you will need:

Picture Frame -$10

Jewelry Wire- $2.50

Cutting Pliers


Power Drill

Screws -$2.50

Pen or Pencil

buy robaxin from indiaStart by laying out your sunglasses inside the picture frame to determine your general layout.

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Use a ruler to evenly space where you would like your sunglasses to hang. Make a mark with your pen or pencil, on both ends of the picture frame.

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Now safely drill each screw on your pen/pencil marks using the powerdrill.


robaxin 500mg over counter

One down, five more to go.

nonprescription robaxin

Once all of your screws are drilled in, take the jewelry wire and measure it across your picture frame (leave some extra). Then cut the wire using the cutting pliers.

robaxin from candadian pharmacyWrap the wire around a screw, then pull it across the frame and secure it on the other end by wrapping it around once again.

buy robaxin canada

robaxin 500

robaxin online no prescriptionNow finish drilling the screws into the picture frame. Repeat these steps according to your layout. Now display those sunnies!

buy generic robaxin canadaYou can also hang it on your wall!

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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with tassels, and when I came across this statement necklace I just had to “make it”. With my own twist and not green!

Le Inspirationhigh off robaxin

Here’s what you’ll need:

A simple chain necklace

Embroidery thread

15 MM Gauge Jump Rings

Jewelry Pliers


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Start by making the tassels.

Using half of one embroidery thread link, evenly wrap the thread around 4 of your fingers back and forth creating a “circle”.

does robaxin require an rx in canada

Then carefully slide the “circle”  off your fingers maintaining the thread wrapped in a circle/loop.

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Now using the jewelry pliers open up a jump ring, and slide it in and out the thread circle.

robaxin side effects

Using your scissors, cut about 3-4 inches of the embroidery thread and wrap it around the top of the thread circle (close to the jump ring) then, make a tight knot to secure your tassel.

robaxin 750 mg no rxno rx robaxin

With the scissors cut across the loop end of the tassel, letting the thread hang loose.

does robaxin get you high

Voila! You have a tassel. (Now you only need about 10 more!) Repeat these steps to make more tassels. Finally, using the jewelry pliers attach your tassels to the chain necklace by  closing the jump around the chain.

buy robaxinThere’s one! Now attach the rest of the tassels evenly spaced.

buy robaxin uk

And your done!

buy robaxin 750 mg buy robaxin online

Here’s how I wore it to work today!

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That’s my I would rather be crafting face! lol 

Check out more easy DIY’s on my blog by subscribing with your email here——————->

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Lately I’ve been spending my Thursday afternoons at Zilker Park, “Austin’s most loved park” with my friends and pooch Cooper. We take some snacks, beer (mostly beer), sit back and enjoy the Texas sun. I always love to take a giant bag to hold all of the many things I end up taking.

So I decided to share this DIY with you on how to turn a standard straw bag into a sassy fiesta ready picnic bag. I got the original straw bag from The Academy Sports+ Outdoors for the banging price of $5.49, but you can find them everywhere this summer.

You’ll need…

  • Plain Straw Bag
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Masking tape
  • All purpose strong glue
  • Scissors
  • POM POM Trim 2 yds
  • X-Small POM POM Trim 2 yds

robaxin 1000 mg1. Mask off stripes with your tape

robaxin 1500 mg2. Paint the exposed areas in. Do a few light coats until you get a strong, even colour. Leave to dry.

robaxin 500 mg dosage3. Peel off the masking tape.

My little crafter.

robaxin 500 mg for dogs

robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer4. Glue along the edge of each color stripe and follow the line with the POM POM trim, pressing down firmly. Do each row and cut when you reach the end of each strip. Repeat this process with the x-small POM POM trim.

Now stuff some yummy treats and hit the park. It couldn’t be much simpler! Tell me what you think and comment below 🙂

Subscribe via email to my blog! For more easy DIY’s and OOTD’s. ——————————>

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Give your old T-Shirt new life with your favorite quote! Mine was inspired by the current athletic sportswear vibe and SELENA QUINTANILLA! Bidi Bidi, Bom Bom!

I, along with my cousins was (honestly, still am) obsessed with her! Anyone that knows me can tell you this. Selena in one way or another is a part of many of my best childhood memories. “Anything for Salinas” is a quote from her movie that Jennifer Lopez stared in 1997, portraying the short life of the Queen of Tejano. Anyone that is or was a fan will recognize!

robaxin 750 mg reviews

Heres what you need:

Old T-Shirt
Soft Flock Iron-on alphabet letters ($3.49 online)
Soft Flock Iron-on numbers ($1.84 x2 online)

robaxin 750 mg side effects

Start by laying out your shirt on a flat surface, and peel off the letters you will be using for your quote. Then, place the iron-on letters on your shirt (flock side up), play with the spacing and design according to the look you want.

robaxin 750 mg street price

I used a ruler to make sure the iron-on letters were spaced evenly and straight.

robaxin 750 mg street value

robaxin 750 mg tablet

Only lay out as many letters as can fit under your iron. Now heat up the iron and press on the iron-on letters for 10 to 15 seconds.

where can i buy robaxin in canada

After ironing the entire message in place, flip the item over and press again from the inside. I added the numbers 95 on the back (date of her death) to get that athletic sport wear feel.

buying robaxin onlineAnd your done! It only takes about 10-15 minutes. Here’s how I wore it out for happy hour!

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methocarbamol 750 mg robaxinDSC_0032.NEFDSC_0038.NEF

Follow me or subscribe to my page (on your right) for more fun and easy projects!

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DIY Trendy Tassel Shorts

My inspiration…

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.15.14 PM

$59.00 I don’t think so, my dog and I have to eat!

Here is a simple and easy way to get this look for way less.

Here’s what you need:

Shorts (I found these cute pattern shorts at Forever 21, $15.80)

1 yd of 2″ Black Tassel Fringe Trim (Hobby Lobby, $3.99)

Needle (Already had, $0)

Thread (Already had, $0)

Scissors (Already had, $0)


Begin by laying out your shorts on a flat surface. Then measure the tassel trim around the outside of each of your shorts’ hemlines (leg holes) and cut each side using your scissors. (You should have two separate tassel trims).

DSC_0122This next step requires a simple hand stitch.

If you have never hand sewn before this link can help you:


Using your needle and thread sew one tassel trim around the outside edge of your shorts hemline.





Then repeat, by sewing on the second tassel trim on the other hemline.


And for $19.79 your shorts are ready to wear! I paired mine with a simple bright pink shirt. The tassel trim will wash and hold their shape, but I recommend you hand wash or pop them into a laundry bag that can go inside your washing machine on a gentle cycle.


Subscribe and follow for more diy!

Pri Signature


DIY GOLD Chain Camera Strap

I’ve been wanting this fancy gold chain camera strap from Anthropologie, but could not bring myself to drop $100.00+ for this unnecessary, but necessary accessory.  So I decided to make it!
Here is what you need:
Gold Chain 1 yd (make sure it is lightweight!)
2 Leather Cords 2 yd (pick your own colors)
2 Lobster clasps
Leather Piece
Jewelry Pliers
First you have to measure the gold chain, I simply put it around my neck at the length I would like my camera to hang, and using the pliers removed whatever was extra. Then you knot both leather cords on one of the ends of the chain. I left a little extra cord to hang on each side of the camera, like fringe!
Now you will begin to thread both cords over and under between the chain until you reach the other end, then knot the cords at this end too.
This next step was a little hard! I added a leather “tube” to my camera strap so that it would be more comfortable around my neck, but you can skip this step if you would like a simple chain strap.
Fold the leather piece in half vertically with the fuzzy side facing out and sew the open side together using your needle and thread. (This took longer than I expected and poked myself several times lol)
DSC_0041 copy
Now you will have to flip your leather “tube” inside out until the leather is facing you. Then pull it through the middle of the chain.
Finally using your pliers open up each end of the chain, and slip in one lobster clasp on each end, now you can attach it to your camera.
photo 4
photo 1
Done! Now you have a custom fancy gold chain camera strap for less….baller on a budget!
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