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Methocarbamol 750 mg robaxin, Robaxin us


It’s Tuesday, not nearly close enough to the weekend. Yet I am sitting here reminiscing about my recent trip to the Bayside. Oakland, San Francisco and the City of Berkeley! Much like Austin the bay was a place I hadn’t visited yet, but knew I would love. Home to liberals, hippies, hipsters, techies, immigrants, yuppies, and every other now trending generation. A place where you must come hungry, and ready to hike.

 I had the fortune of visiting two of my girlfriends who lived in the area. Which helped immensely with navigation (sort of!) and local spots. Even though I was on tourist mode with my huge camera.

Here’s my take on the bay:

San Francisco is incredibly picturesque. The City of Berkeley is young and creative. While Oakland keeps it real.

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-Ferry Building, San Francisco
buy robaxin canada

-San Francisco, Chinatown #werk

can you buy robaxin over the counter

– Bob’s Donut & Pastry, San Francisco

Where else would we have been on National Donut day in the Bay. This shabby shop is family owned and still makes their donuts from scratch. These donuts are classically fried, taste sweet and have lots of texture, amazing! But no dogs are allowed.
can you buy robaxin over the counter in canadawhere to buy robaxinbuy Robaxin

Having a full on FAT meltdown.buy Robaxin online-Lombart Street, San Francisco

The world’s most winding street.
cheap Robaxinpurchase Robaxin

Every corner of San Francisco is charming. Its streets can challenge you with steep hills or surprise you with beautiful views.
robaxin 750 mgsrobaxin mgrobaxin mg dosage-Ghirardelli Square, San Franciscorobaxin mg doseRobaxin online-The Fox Theatre, Oakland
Robaxin ukRobaxin usI strongly believe that Berkeley is the capital of food porn. You will find the most unhealthy and creative food combinations. Like these ridiculous cheese fries, from Smoke’s Poutinerie. Or this cookie ice cream sandwich from Cream.

Robaxin usa

The Golden Bridge, San Francisco
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Ilana and Abbi, also known as Taylor and Charlotte, from Broad City. (The now local and used to be local girlfriends)
robaxin without a scriptrobaxin italianorobaxin and orgasmoeder robaxin on lineI had never sat by the ocean with 3 layers of clothes on. Over the weekend the weather was between 60 – 75 degrees. Takes some getting use too.robaxin india

-Dolores Park, San Franciscorobaxin 500 onlike no prescriptionbuy robaxin without prescriptionrobaxin 750 mg online no prescription-Billy Goat Hill Park, San Francisco

robaxin online canadano perscription generic robaxinSeafood brunch in San Francisco, with 4 different types of oysters. Oh lord!

-Mission Rock Resort, San Franciscohow many robaxin to get highrobaxin onlinerobaxin

I promise to come back bay bay.

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Hello! Its been a while.

Lately I’ve been posting more trips than diy’s, I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos!

My roomate recently moved out and I’ve noticed things I miss that we shared. Such as her towel holder. Afterthought for me. Case in point – I should make my own. After a quick trip to Home Depot I came up with this chic, industrial Concrete + Copper Towel Holder.

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Here’s what you will need:

 – 13″ Copper pipe

– 4″ Copper pipe

– 2, Copper caps

– Concrete Mix

– Cardboard

– Medium sand paper


– Box cutter or Precision Knife

– Pen or Pencil

– Duck tape

– Strong Adhesive

– Piece of String

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First you will have to create a mold as a base. Start by making a 7″ diameter circle on your cardboard. I traced the bottom of a pot plate to get a perfect circle, then cut it out using an x-traco knife. You will also need to cut a long strip of cardboard that is at least “4 thick. getting high off robaxin buy robaxin no prescription

Trace the edge of the circle with the long strip, creating a cardboard bowl.  While you hold the two together, duck tape all long the bottom of the bowl. Tape the ends, cut any extra cardboard off, and secure the mold with more duck tape.robaxin no prescription canadacan a senior buy robaxin

Pour 2 cups of concrete mix in a plastic container, use a container you can dispose.  Then slowly pour in water as you stir the mix. I was a little nervous mixing the concrete, but I found that just like baking brownies all you have to pay attention to is the consistency of the mix. The mix needs to be thick, and wet through. I mixed one batch with rocks and another without, using only the concrete “powder”.
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Pour the batch with the rock concrete mix into the cardboard mold first. Then spread the mix evenly to create a smooth surface. Just like a cake!robaxin 500mg online

While the cement mold dries glue each of the copper caps to the cooper pipes.
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After about 2 hours later your concrete mold should look a little sturdier. Stick the big copper pipe in the center and align the smaller one an inch away from the edge. In order to keep the pipes straight, wrap a tight string around the two and tape each end to the side of the mold.robaxin 500mg suppliersOnce the concrete has set, it should look like this.
robaxin high

Remove the cardboard mold then sand down the rough edges and surface of your concrete base. I wanted a raw industrial finish which did not require a lot of work. However you can use a finer sandpaper to achieve a much smoother surface.robaxin for sale norobaxin mail orderbuy robaxin 750 mg no prescription

I am so happy with the final result. And am excited to make a second one for my friends outdoor kitchen.buy robaxin from mexicohow much robaxin to get high

I want to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment and keep posted for more DIY’s!

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will robaxin get you high

Bonjour Y’all!

Let me tell you about Lafayette, Louisiana. Where I spent yet another weekend at a festival, the Festival International de Louisiane. This festival is known for their variety of unique and up-an-coming performers all based from Louisiana that took place in downtown Lafayette. The festival is spread across the old downtown streets of the city where you can bar hop, shop,visit museums, enjoy local art, and their southern hospitality.

In addition to their amazing international lineup the family oriented festival also features workshops, theatre performances, art and mouth slobbering food. Influenced by France (of course), Spain and Africa. Honestly this festival’s food is the best! They had shrimp kabobs, crawfish pisolettes, shrimp friant, philly chesse steaks, pulled pork nachos, crawfish etoufee, jambalaya, gumbo, alligator balls, boudin balls….. yea! Just a couple of their options.

After a morning of steady rain spent having the most amazing brunch at robaxin canada. Where I had cajun benedicts…Oh lawwwd! The dish has toasted french bread, Hebert’s Boudin, two poached eggs topped with chicken, gumbo and french scallions. A must! The festival finally started at 2 p.m due to the weather. And after a couple of drinks at Marley’s Sports bar me and my girlfriend were ready to fest! With our drinks at hand because its Louisiana.

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nonprescription robaxinrobaxin from candadian pharmacybuy robaxin canada

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound- amazing jazzy beat!

robaxin 500robaxin online no prescription

One of the many friendly locals!

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While we listened to JC Brooks, we ran into Meduza from Nomadic massive. Gorge!

where can i get robaxin robaxin 750 can robaxin get you highindian pharmacy robaxinno prescription robaxin buy

Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate killing it! Literally making the whole crowd dance.

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The crew of shulas! We had an amazing time, as you can tell their empty City Bar cups.

From left, Sylvia, Charlotte and Lainee.
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Turnt… maybe! Also I am blonde now, my hair is not a fan of the humid south and this van is rad.

What I wore:

Mumu style dress, H&M | Purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sneakers, Air Force 1 Nike | Sunnies, Ray Bans |

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On the way back to Texas we were able to stop and take a stroll and explore the swamp lands of Louisiana.

I wish I had more pictures, but fun got in the way. Still, Lafayette’s southern hospitality is unforgettable. The music was lively, unique and international, with so many combinations of sounds! And that food thoooo, I will continue to rave about for months. We highly recommend Festival de Louisiane at Lafayette.

Subscribe to my blog——> for more shula adventures, crafts and outfits!

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On Friday I went to Corpus Christi, Tejas! Like thousands of other Selena Quintanilla fans I had to experience the first-ever Fiesta de la Flor. A two-day music festival  honoring the Queen of Tejano music held at Bayfront Park in downtown Corpus.

 I have been wanting to take a trip to Corpus since I moved to Austin two years ago. With the sole purpose to vibe off Selena’s hometown. To smell the air she smelled, do the washing machine on the bay stairs, visit her old home, the museum, her statue and become Suzette’s (Selena’s Sister) BFF in the process. Typical Selena fan goals, this would be my opportunity.

Friday, the schedule was set to drive straight to Corpus, then watch the special showing of the Selena movie. But due to severe thunderstorms and TORNADO warnings it had to be cancelled (Its ok, I had watched it the day before at the gym). The next day Dave, Ryan and I (Up-and-coming Selena fans) toured the late Queen’s hood, starting with the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center. The grounds gardens feature a unique blend of colorful, exotic floral exhibits with areas of native Corpus habitat and natural wetlands.

buy robaxin online buy robaxin 750buy robaxin australiacan you buy robaxin over the countercan you buy robaxin over the counter in canadaThey also care for amazing rescued exotic birds/reptiles, and host an open screen butterfly house.

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robaxin 1000 mgrobaxin 1500 mgrobaxin 500 mg dosage
robaxin 500 mg for dogsAy! How did Selena keep her hair so flawless in this weather. 

After our fun tour of the gardens, we headed off to the family-friendly Festival. Which to my surprise was highly organized! The City of Corpus Christi had public buses scheduled to pick up and drop of fans from the parking lot (city hall/courthouse) to the gates all day. Security/Volunteers happily guided you to the gates and assisted the elderly fans with chairs and mobility to enjoy the Tejano music.

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And the fans outfits were bidi bidi badass!

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robaxin 750 mg informationrobaxin 750 mg ingredients

These fans t-shirts were illustrated/designed by them. #fakefanwho follow them robaxin 750 mg price

robaxin 750 mg reviewsRight after I did the washing machine….I headed to see the famous Selena Memorial.robaxin 750 mg side effectsrobaxin 750 mg street price robaxin 750 mg street valueShe’s looking over sus fans. 

Mid day the rain began to pour down on everyone and the 8 brave little food trucks did not match up to the thousands of hungry Tejano lovers. Thankfully, the event did allow you to come-and-go and so we did in the name of tacos and hygiene. Once the storm had passed… we explored downtown only to find Selena’s Museum closed!

DSC_0768robaxin 750 mg tabletwhere can i buy robaxin in canada DSC_0784

What I Wore: 

Top, H&M | Wrap Skirt, Urban Outfitters | Purse, Asos.com | Sandals, Gap | Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Once back at the fiesta we enjoyed Los Palominos, Jay Perez and the Kumbia King Allstarz ft. Selena’s brother A.B Quintanilla. Honestly they still got it! The crowd was rowdy, swinging their hips and signing along to their greatest hits and Selena’s original songs.  Cuuuu Cuuuu!

At the end of the night the Kings along with the Quintanilla family thanked the fans for their support, and officially announced that Fiesta de la Flor would become an annual festival! Scheduled next year on May 6th- 7th. SELENA FOREVER!

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I only hope to see Fiesta de la Flor grow and become the Mexchella, SXSMEX, CorpusCityLimits…. FlorFlorFlor. Let’s Selena Quintanilla alive with more Latino Music.methocarbamol 750 mg robaxin

Spring Poncho

Spring has sprrruuung in Texas! Between the rain and what already feels like summer days I never got a chance to wear my sweater poncho. Yes a poncho, I stayed away from the trend for quite sometime. It was only this spring that I purchased my first poncho. And just like Future at the SXSW Fader Fort, I am a fan.

Even thought I’ve had no use for it in Austin, yet. I did get to sport it last the weekend during my short trip to New Mexico. This poncho is really one of the best sweaters to keep around for chilly nights, cold airports and camping. Which I plan to do this weekend!

Here are some pictures of my then #OOTD taken by my little sister who also got a chance to play little blogger.

DSC_0365 DSC_0373 DSC_0375 DSC_0382 DSC_0384 DSC_0389

Isn’t my sister talented?

What I wore:

Top, Gap | Jeans, Express | Poncho, Urban Outfitters | Booties, Aldo Shoes | Hat, Target | Necklace, Forever21

DSC_0286 DSC_0293 DSC_0323 DSC_0402Hope you all have a great week! Follow me on the gram @ https://instagram.com/thedandylione/ 

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Throwback Trip to Chihuahua,Chihuahua, MX. As I am sitting here staring at my empty luggage bag, instead of packing for my trip home tomorrow. I realized I never shared the pictures of my short trip to Chihuahua City back in October.

Like most Mexicans I adore my family and even though I live miles away, they’re always in my thoughts. Or a whatsapp message away. My family doesn’t know how to keep secrets, use  “indoor voices” and boundaries……are non-existent. Cousins are sisters/brothers and our constant communication is more often than not hard to decipher. Or highly entertaining. And this trip that was to celebrate the coming birth of our niece Renata, was as memorable as every other trip we’ve had together.

Before im even MORE melodramatic… here are some pictures of my cousins and I in downtown Chihuahua.

DSC_0031The Cathedral, Plaza de Armas

DSC_0063DSC_0082DSC_0097DSC_0080DSC_0119DSC_0049Shulas from left to right, Karen, Emily, Tillie and Melissa.


Over the past few years downtown has had several renovations making it a destination for locals and tourists. The streets were alive with people enjoying the afternoon, shopping, walking, and like us taking pictures in their cute outfits.

DSC_0135DSC_0100The City Hall, Plaza de Armas.

OOTD: Pants/Necklace, Express | Top, http://www.goldenbonesatx.com | Booties, Forever21| Purse, Old Navy| Sunnies, Quay Australia.


Tarde pero seguro! <3 Sorry for not taking pictures of all the good food I ate…methocarbamol 750 mg robaxin


Hi all,

In my failed attempt to organize all of my crafting materials this weekend. I came across several copper pipe pieces scattered in my drawers left over from my DIY end table project. As always the wheels started turning and before I knew it I was at Home Depot. A few inches of PVC clear tubing and my copper pieces had a new chic purpose.

DSC_0082DSC_0103Here’s what you will need:

2″ -1″ Copper pipe

14″ Cord trim

3.5″ -5/8 OD PVC clear tubing

Set of leather end caps


X-Acto Knife

Glue gun


(The leaf is just there, because its pretty.) 


I had several different sizes of copper piping but you will need a 2″ piece you can find already cut pieces at Home Depot for less than $2.

DSC_0073With a X-Acto knife cut a 3.5″ piece of the PVC clear tube.


Take one of the leather end caps and add glue inside. Then push the end of the trim cord carefully into the cap.

DSC_0080Hold the end cap and cord trim for a couple of minutes until the glue cools down. Repeat this step on the other end.DSC_0084Slide the plastic tube through the copper pipe.


Now slide the trim cord through the plastic tube and you are done.

Chic, cheap and easy statement necklace. I really loved this project, so much so that I plan to make more in different styles.

DSC_0107 DSC_0122DSC_0124I hope you all have a wonderful week and make your own statement necklace too.

Subscribe to my blog via email and follow me on the IG/Twitter for more pictures @thedandylione  

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DIY|Valentine’s Day Brush Embroidery Cookies

Hello All, Happy Tuesday!

 We are four days away from Valentine’s day. Some of you might be scrambling for cute gift ideas for your sweetie, babe, friend, bae, coworker, lover, boyfriend, husband, family member, partner, mijo, or friend with benefits (because millennials!). Whatever your relationship status may be, it is a lovely thought to have a day dedicated to love and friendship.

Being in this mushy, love, red hearts state of mind Ms. Gabriela Chabolla owner of Crumbly Baked Goods http://www.crumblybakedgoods.com teamed up to teach you how to decorate your own sugar cookies for V-day. Using the brush embroidery technique she uses on her amazing cookies.



 Here’s what you will need:

1 lb of Powdered sugar

2 ½ cups of Meringue Powder

½ A lemon

¼ Cup of Water

Red- Soft gel paste food coloring

Sugar cookies (ingredients in link below)




Spoons/Bowls (several of them)

Lemon Squeezer

3-Piping bags

Pastry tip tube, #5 & #2

1- Small embroidery brush

1- Piping Squeeze Bottle



Start by preparing your dough, your favorite sugar cookie recipe will do just fine use http://allrecipes.com/recipe/the-best-rolled-sugar-cookies/. Roll out your dough, cut your shapes and bake!

 Crumbly Tip: Make sure to put your cookies shapes in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before you place them in the oven, this will help them hold their shape better.

 While your cookies are in the oven you can begin to make the frosting.


 In a large bowl or Kitchen Aid mixer pour the powdered sugar and meringue powder, start the mixer on it’s slowest speed, then slowly pour the water. You will notice the icing will become thick and lumpy.

DSC_0166DSC_0144Now cut half of the lemon, squeeze it and pour the juice into the mixing bowl. Once the icing reaches a thick honey like consistency you can at this point turn the speed of the mixer up to a faster, medium speed.

DSC_0161 Leave the mixer at this speed for about 3 minutes, until you see the icing turn into softer peaks. Such as…

DSC_0191 Your stiff icing should look like this…..

DSC_0202Once you’ve mixed the icing, divide the frosting into the different bowls according to how many colors you will be using to decorate your cookies. We used 2 different shades of pink and white.

DSC_0209 We added four drops of (red) gel food coloring to one of your icing bowls for a darker shade of pink, and two drop for the lighter pink. Using a spoon mix the icing until you get the color that you like.

Once you’re done coloring, start mixing your icing into the proper consistency. (This is when things get tricky!)


The consistency of the base of your cookie should be less dense than the original “stiff white icing”. In order to get a softer “flow type of icing” you will have to add teaspoons if not just drops of water to the icing until you get the right consistency.

*Crumbly Tip- If your icing gets too runny, because you added too much water. Add more powder sugar to bring it back to a softer “flow icing”.

You can test for consistency by pouring a ribbon of icing from a spoon back into the bowl, while timing how long it takes for the ribbon to be reincorporated into the rest of the icing. Flow icing should take 14-16 seconds to incorporate into the rest of the icing).

DSC_0227 DSC_0233

Pour both shades of pink into two different piping bags with #5 tube tips. The white stiff icing you will divide between a piping bag with a #2 tip tube, and the squeeze bottle also with a #2 tip.DSC_0235


Once your cookies have been taken out of the oven, make an outline around the shape of the cookie using the pink flow icing piping bag and wait about 20 second for it set.DSC_0249

Once the icing outline has slightly dried, fill the center of the cookie. Use a toothpick to spread the icing evenly.


*Crumbly tip: Tap the cookie slightly to bring out any air bubble there might be and puncture them with a toothpick, this will give you a smoother surface.DSC_0298

Let the cookies dry for at least 3 hours. Once they are dry, use the stiff white icing in the piping bag to make the petals of the flowers. Create a zigzagged curved line on the surface of the cookie.DSC_0299

DSC_0307DSC_0320Once you form your line, take a stiff, small brush and wet it. Smudge the excess water off on a paper towel and carefully pull zigzagged line of icing towards the center. Repeat this process to create more flowers.DSC_0316You can add more details to your cookie by adding cute dots, using the squeeze bottle. DSC_0431 DSC_0438DSC_0461

These cookies are adorable, delicious, and serve as the perfect gift for practically any occasion. But….If you’re not much of a baker, crafter or do it yourselfer, you can have my dear friend Gabriela at http://www.crumblybakedgoods.com bake a custom batch for you!

Subscribe to my blog via email, and follow, follow, follow for more fun ideas! 

Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

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DIY | Personalized Doormat, Hi Shula!

Hi Shulas & Shulos,

Happy New Year! I have been holiday-MIA, sorry. Nonetheless, I have set my new year’s BLOG GOALS, not resolutions since they do not have the same commitment effects on me. This year I hope to post more easy DIY tutorials, fun outfits, event ideas and share more trips with you all (even the ones I have yet to post from last year!). Striving with every post to spread creativity, new skills, entertain you and maybe even inspire you.

One of the ways I welcomed the new year, was by sprucing up my front porch. A quick (also cheap!) solution is to upgrade your doormat, and why not personalize it with a message from you. Here is my, Do.It.Yo’self…..Hi Shula Doormat.

Chula or Shula (How I prefer to write it) [choo-law; English choo-lah] 

Spanish, Mexican Slang for pretty, or beautiful.


There are many creative ways that you can personalize this DIY to reflect your style and welcome message.

Here’s what you will need:

Natural, Doormat (I found mine at Ikea, Trampa $9)

Masking Tape

Spray Paint (Hobby Lobby, $3)

Sewing Pins


Other tools:

Acrylic Paint (Hobby Lobby, $2.50)

Paint Brush

Construction paper


DSC_0030Start by placing masking tape around the doormat to create a simple grid around the mat.


To create the “Hi Shula” stencils, use a computer program that you can easily type in (such as Word or Illustrator)“Hi Shula” or the message of your choosing. Select a font that is thick and visible at about size 700. You will print one letter per page. Print on thick construction paper, and cut with scissors.

Then place your cut outs on your mat and pin each letter down with plenty of sewing pins.

DSC_0037DSC_0036Now spray paint! Shake the container according to the directions on the label. Hold the can parallel to the mat (this will prevent from paint going under the stencils). Depending on what color of paint you choose you may or may not have to spray your mat more than once.


Let the mat dry completely. Remove the letters/tape. Then fill in the letters/grid with using the acrylic paint. Use a thick paint brush with a good amount of paint and press it into your mat.


Once the paint is dry, upgrade your porch with a brand new custom doormat!  It will make you smile and welcome your guests with a warm message that is very you.

Be sure to spread the comment love below, and share my DIY with your friends.

DSC_0075 DSC_0158


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Mickey & Me.

Happy Saturday!! I’ve been waiting for today all week. It is 73 degrees in Austin today and it does not feel like December, but the Posadas are creepin’ in. Yay for Christmas food!

Since the weather is amazing, I decided to wear my favorite crop top. I may have over done my outfit for a day of errands…but I feel good and that is all that matters anyway.

Here are some pictures of my #ootd taken by my talented friend Ryan Walters at http://www.somethingstandard.com/

IMG_5159IMG_5156I really love these Gap boyfriend jeans. I was a little skeptical about wearing “loose pants” since I have hips, and thought they would make me look wider. However they are the most comfortable jeans I own, and look pretty awesome paired with a blazer. IMG_5162IMG_5187IMG_5177

These rings….

IMG_5184IMG_5191I hope you all have an amazing day! Make sure to follow me for upcoming Christmas DIY’s.

What I wore:

Top, American Eagle | Boyfriend Jeans, Gap | Blazer, Forever 21 | Heels, Missguided.com | Sunnies, Asos.com | Clutch, Aldo

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