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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I’m sure you are all planning your gifts for the special people in your lives. Let me give you an easy and fancy DIY idea that can make a great gift for the holidays.

This DIY is amazing, it actually uses clay instead of marble which is soft to the touch and absorbent.  Not only does it look like the real thing, but all coasters came in at under $8!

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Heres what you will need:

-Premo Oven Bake Clay in two colors

-Glass or Mug

-Rolling pin

-Cutting board

-Parchment paper

-Metal bake sheet buy RobaxinStart by mixing the two different color premo clays together with your hands, mix the two colors as much as you would like. 
buy Robaxin onlineFlatten the clay using the rolling pin by covering it with two pieces of parchment paper. cheap RobaxinRoll it out to a thickness of about 1/8″. Using a large size mug or glass with a thin or sharp rim cut your clay into circles. Repeat this step one through three until you have as many coasters as you would like. I made 5!purchase RobaxinThen bake at 275 °F  for 30 minutes on a parchment lined baking sheet. Take them out and your done!robaxin 750 mgsrobaxin mgrobaxin mg dosage

Your going to love the finish product! All you have to do now is wrap them and check…..one custom handmade gift done! You can see in some of the photos that mine have a slight sparkle that looks like real stone or quartz. Which I think make them look more luxe.

Would you try this? Let me know in a comment.

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Who’s ready for stuffing? Uh, this girl!

Unfortunately I will not be able to celebrate with my family this year, but will be spending the day with the next best thing my friends! Friendsgiving 2014, I’m excited!

I couldn’t decide what carb-loaded dish to contribute to our friendly dinner. Mainly because I am better at crafting than cooking. So besides showing up with just wine, and probably crackers I decided to make a unique table centerpiece. A very earthy pumpkin centerpiece, that I hope cover up the fact that my dish will probably be too salty or spicy.

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Here’s what you will need:

– A pumpkin

– Spray paint

– Succulents


– Knifes

– Tape

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Using a knife cut two big triangles on each side of your pumpkin.robaxin without a scriptTake out all the guts (insides) of the pumpkin.robaxin italiano

Cover the “handle” stem of the pumpkin with tape.robaxin and orgasm

Spray paint the inside and outside of the pumpkin, and let it dry.

oeder robaxin on lineOnce the paint is dry, remove the tape from the stem. Then, take the succulents and arrange  them inside bottom of the pumpkin. Now set it on the center of your table, and your done. Easy as pumpkin pie…. haha. Sorry.

robaxin indiaHope you all have a DANDY…Thanksgiving surrounded by the people that you love.

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I have been looking for an interesting end table to fit my style, small space, and most importantly my budget. But no such luck.

When trying to fill that awkward corner, space between chairs or sofa more often than not, DIY furniture is the way to go. With the right tools and some free time you can build something that you can display with a little more pride than just making a simple purchase.

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Here’s what you will need:

– 1, 10ft copper pipe

-4, 3/4″ copper end caps

-4, 3/4″ copper T-fittings

-4, 3/4″ copper 90 degree elbow

-1, Pack of  3/4″ tube straps

-1, 18″x24″ Acrylic Sheet

-4 Screws & Nuts

robaxin onlinerobaxinTools:

-Super glue

-Jigsaw or plastic cutter

-C- Clap

-Power drill

-Ruler/ tape measurer

**You will need to cut the 10ft copper pipe into pieces, Home Depot/ Lowes can do it for you for free. Or you can use pipe cutter! You will need 4- 18 inch pieces, 4- 8 inch pieces, 4- 3 inch pieces. These can be adjusted according to your size preference. 

Lay down your pipes and fittings according to the picture below. Then glue and attach each copper pipe to the cooper fittings…..just like connecting legos.

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order robaxin on lineLet the copper legs sit for a couple of hours until the super glue is dry. While you wait make your table top. Measure and mark a 12″ x 12″ square on the acrylic sheet.purchase robaxin medicationUsing a plastic cutter or jigsaw cut the square top.


Take two pipe straps, and space them evenly on your acrylic table top. Make a mark on each hole of the strap were you will attach the copper pipe legs too.

how to order robaxin onlineAttach a size 1/32 drill bit to the power drill and make the four holes.buy robaxin otc

getting high off robaxinOnce your copper pipe legs are dry and sturdy, attach the pipe strap to each leg. Then pull the screw through the table top and strap, into the nut under the table top. Just like this…buy robaxin no prescriptionrobaxin no prescription canada

And your done! Now dress up your new chic end table.

can a senior buy robaxinLet me know what you think in a comment below, and subscribe to my page via email for more easy DIY’s!

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Today is Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos. A Mexican holiday in which friends and families gather to pray, and remember those who have passed. Traditions include ofrendas, which include the deceased favorite things, sugar skulls, food and beverages.

Inspired by this day I made a Piñata, a sugar skull Piñata!

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Here’s what you will need:



Tissue Paper (in different colors)

Scissors/ X Acto Knife



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Start by drawing a skull outline on the cardboard, and cut it out. Trace the cutout on the cardboard, then cut the second outline to make two exact skulls.

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 Cut out long strips of cardboard, long enough to go around the end of your skull cutout.

robaxin mail orderUsing the strips of cardboard trace the skull cutout and tape the corners together, it should look something like this….

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Now repeat by taping the other skull cutout on top.buy robaxin from mexico

Now you decorate! Cut the paper tissue into long strips with fringe. Glue them on to your Piñata, starting from the bottom up by layering the fringe.how much robaxin to get high

Now cut and glue an upside down heart and mouth for your sugar skull Piñata.

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Make a flower crown for your Pinata, out of paper tissue. First, cut even square pieces and layer them on top of each other. Fold back and forth to create a fan, then using the string tie the middle and cut the ends round. Pull each layer to the center of the fan. Fluff and listo!

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Glue all of your flowers on top of the Pinata, and make your eyes with both cut outs of black tissue and paper flowers. And your done!

will robaxin get you highIts going to be hard to see my friends destroy this!

Hope you like my first PARTY DIY! follow me on pinterest for more ideas…robaxin canada

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Its a girl!

My cousin is having a baby girl, and I seriously can’t wait to spoil her. This past weekend was her baby shower and auntie-to-be got her some dope baby gear (Did you know they have baby wipes heaters now? blew my mind). Naturally I didn’t stop there I had to make her something a little less ordinary, gold and adorable. So I made her these….


This is my cuuuutest DIY, yet.

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This DIY is very easy, and you can hand sew.

Here is what you will need:

Baby Booties Pattern

12″ x 12″ Pleather Fabric

Leather Laces



Rotary Hole Puncher


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 Other tools:

E-600 Glue

Pen or Marker

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I had to hand draw my own pattern, but you don’t! You can print this pattern and use for your baby booties. The pattern piece is for a size 1 bootie. Just print larger for larger sizes!

Start by cutting the bootie pattern and trace it twice on the back side of your fabric (make sure to flip over the sole piece for the right side bootie).

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Now cut your pieces, and set the extra fabric aside.

Using the rotary hole puncher, cut the marked circles on the heel piece and cut the two lines on the front piece.

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Sew the heel piece with the sole piece (leather facing in).

Use binder clips or clothespins to hold the fabric together if needed. Make sure to position the piece so it is even. Sew 1/8″ from edge to secure.

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Now sew the front piece on to the sole piece, over lapping into the heel piece at each end.

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Now flip your bootie inside out, and lace them up!

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You can leave them as is, or do as I did and make them Moccasin Baby Booties.

Using extra fabric cut out two 1″ x 2″ pieces, then cut 1″ slices across to create fringe for that moccasin look. Now simply glue the pieces (fringe down) across the front part of your booties.

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Aren’t they adorable!!!

Pocahontas wishes she had these flawless baby moccasin booties.

Check out more pictures of simple crafts, inspo and ootds on my IG robaxin side effects

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It’s Thursday, and we are all itching for the weekend.

Your girl has been hustling this week! I am 7 weeks into my event planning certification course and have honestly loved every minute. This course is an example how I would have liked my college courses to have been taught, with real life skills not just memorizing terms! My classmates and I have learned about contracts, taxes, food handling licenses, and state/city permits. On top of all the fun aesthetic details of what makes a great party (what I am good at).  We already hosted our first wedding too!

Now add a full-time job….AY! Naturally, I’ve made time to make some crafts, even though I should actually be going to the gym. Oh well, that’s why I go out on the weekends and dance! Needless to say I think I deserve a drank this weekend, but not before sharing my young professional simple #OOTD.

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GODZILLA BUTT! Those bumps are from the skirts zipper!

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But, I don’t want to got to work…..
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But I love shopping so I guess…can you buy robaxin over the counter

can you buy robaxin over the counter in canadaI have found the perfect weekend clutch!!! find it at buy robaxin canada

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Have a great weekend! Whether you are drunk or sober be safe, use Uber, and make sure to follow me 🙂

What I wore:

Blouse, H&M | Pencil Skirt, Armani Exchange | Blazer, Forever 21 | Booties, Chinese Laundry

Earrings, Express | Sunnies, Quay Australia

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Its been two weeks since I posted anything… sorry. Austin City Limits happened and I managed to attend both weekends. Because I’ve evolved into this festival junkie, but OH MY GAWD! It was bananas! I have just recently re-adjusted my sleeping pattern and finally finished this, sigh….


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Here’s what you will need:

Shelve bracket

3-Way Socket w/ Turn Knob

Light fixture cord


2- 3/8 in Round hardwood dowel

Metallic Silver spray paint

Glue (I used Gorrilla Glue, but hot glue will also do the job)

robaxin 750 mg informationOther tools:

Power drill


Hand saw

Start by cutting the hardwood dowel using a hand saw into the following sizes:12- 6inch | 6- 9inch. Create a hexagon using 6 of the 6 inch sticks, and glue them together.

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This next step is just like playing with Legos. Take the top of the 3-Way Socket and the 6- 9inch sticks, glue each stick at every corner of your hexagon first, then to the top of the socket.

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Pull the light fixture cord through the top hole of the 3- Way Socket. Then…

Separate the metal ends of the light fixture cord, take the bottom of the 3-Way Socket and unscrew the (two) screws on each end. Wrap each metal end to each screw and tighten it with the screwdriver.

Like dis…

robaxin 750 mg side effects

Then simply attach the two 3-Way socket top/bottom together, and pull the light fixture cord back.

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You will now need to glue the other 6- 6inch sticks together to make the bottom point of the diamond…(Shine bright like a diamond…RIRI stuck in my head!). Again glue each stick to each corner of the hexagon and then together to make the point.

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Now spray paint the crap out of it, and make a little dance because your almost done!

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Attach the bracket to your wall with a power drill or screwdriver, add a light bulb and wrap the cord in/out of the bracket and let it hang! You now have a minimalist, chic pendant light that will bring more light into your home.

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Let me know what you think in a comment below! And keep posted for upcoming projects and #ootds.

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I recently moved into the most charming old Victorian style home, but with its charm came  less closet space! (You can’t have it all!). Even though I donated a lot of stuff, I still needed more storage space. Mainly rack space, but I didn’t want it to bulk up my dressing room. So, I decided to building my own hanging clothes rack, sort of like a boutique. And it turned out amazing, I was honestly very proud.

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Here’s what you need to make it!

 You can find it all at The Home Depot.

1″in x 50″in Plain Steel Rod

7 ft Stainless Steel Wire Rope

1 Set, Aluminium Ferrules

4 1/4″in Cobra Anchors

2 Wire Ring Anchor Point

All for under $25!

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Extra tools:

Power Drill

Wire Cutters



Tip: Home Depot can cut the steel rod at any size you want.

Hold the steel rod against the ceiling and make a mark (with pen or pencil) at each end, on that same mark hold the wire ring and make two marks in each hole.

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Then install the cobra anchors on your marks. Using your power drill, pierce the ceiling using the tip of the driller toggle and screw it into the ceiling, then slide the body through.

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Insert the machined screw through the wire ring anchor “hole”, then screw clockwise into the anchor until firmly in place. Repeat this step to install both wire rings.

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Now take one of the steel ferrules and slide one end of wire rope through.

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Loop the wire rope through the wire ring anchor, then slide the same end of the wire rope through the ferrule and hold.

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Using the pliers crimp (press) the ferrule tightly, so that the wire can’t pull through. You will need to repeat these steps at the other end of the hanging clothes rack.

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Take the wire rope then pull it through both the steel rod, and the wire anchor. While you hold the steel rod repeat the last steps and install the other ferrule.

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Cut the extra wire rope with the wire cutters…and Voila!

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I’ve probably visited Houston, TX about five times this year, but this was one of the most memorable trips yet. This past Saturday my HTOWN besties and I headed out to Galveston Island. A Texas oasis only an hour away from the city, were we spend the day at the Beach. It was also Cooper’s (my dawg!) first time seeing the ocean so it was kind of a big deal for us.

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Jamaica Beach- Galveston, Texas.

buy viagra online cheap canadaCooper thought it was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

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Yup, that’s my 18 lbs dog crushing waves.

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The besties, Charlotte & Ameth.

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They played Frisbee and we……played it cool.

buy viagra online using paypalTaylor, Afro Girl Summer 2014

where can you buy viagra online using paypal

buy viagra online usa paypalI adore him.

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Thank you, Cisnero’s Family for having us.

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It wouldn’t be a good post without a sunset picture and my beach #OOTD.

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I guess I am breaking the rules by wearing white pants after Labor day, but its still summer in Texas. Its hot and these are very comfy!

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buy cheap viagra online from india

Subscribe via email to my blaaaugh for more ootds, crafts, trips ———->


If your cool with showing  some love, leave me a comment.

Was wearing.

Top & Pants, H&M | Sunnies & Sandals, Asos.com | Rings & Necklace, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters.

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Hello! My name is Priscilla Sandoval and I am a sunglasses hoarder!

While in the process of moving last week I realized that my old sunnies display could no longer hold my growing collection. So, I decided to make a new one and share my DIY….it only cost me $15.

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Here’s what you will need:

Picture Frame -$10

Jewelry Wire- $2.50

Cutting Pliers


Power Drill

Screws -$2.50

Pen or Pencil

buy viagra brand onlineStart by laying out your sunglasses inside the picture frame to determine your general layout.

buy brand viagra online canada

Use a ruler to evenly space where you would like your sunglasses to hang. Make a mark with your pen or pencil, on both ends of the picture frame.

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Now safely drill each screw on your pen/pencil marks using the powerdrill.


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One down, five more to go.

buy cheap viagra super force online

Once all of your screws are drilled in, take the jewelry wire and measure it across your picture frame (leave some extra). Then cut the wire using the cutting pliers.

buy generic viagra super force onlineWrap the wire around a screw, then pull it across the frame and secure it on the other end by wrapping it around once again.

buy pfizer brand viagra online

buy brand viagra online australia

buy cheap brand viagra onlineNow finish drilling the screws into the picture frame. Repeat these steps according to your layout. Now display those sunnies!

buy viagra soft tabs onlineYou can also hang it on your wall!

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